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Thread: Axis EX wood question

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    Sorry to bring up an old thread but I have a sudden interest in these guitars (Axis EX) and there seems to be very little information available on them. What I do know is that this model was not in existence prior to 1995-96. When EVH left EBMM in late '95, all of the hardware and electronics were shipped to Japan and guitars were built under the name "Axis EX" for the Japanese market (no EVH signature on the headstock).

    What I question, are the claims that EVH bodies and necks were shipped to Japan as well for these guitars.
    From all the pictures I've seen, some do appear to be EVH bodies and necks, other pictures I've seen are clearly not. For example, the picture attached shows a maple slab neck, as opposed to a one piece EVH neck. These slabs are often discolored which I would believe to be a sign of a lower quality wood as well. In addition, there is a video I saw on YouTube that shows an Axis EX with a thicker body and thinner binding than that of the EVH. So, it is my assumption that yes, it is possible that EBMM shipped EVH bodies and necks but when the supply ran out, I would guess that Japan began sourcing their own in order to continue production.

    I really wish there was a way of identifying which guitars have the EVH bodies and necks and which were sourced from Japan. Assuming my theory is correct of course.

    For whatever reason, I have no way of posting the pic I wanted to post.
    From an old thread, the following is a grammatically corrected response for clarity:

    The EX was a [guitar manufacturing] program for Kanda Shokai (KS) to keep offering an EVH-style guitar since the demand was so great in Japan [for the EBMM EVH guitar] after Ernie Ball stopped selling the EVH model in 1995. The EX bodies & necks were crafted in Japan, [with] Ernie Ball providing hardware, pickups, etc. Kanda Shokai’s catalog had a page for the EBMM Axis & [the KS crafted] EX. [EX] production was discontinued around 2003.
    Though anecdotal, I can attest that the neck profile on my EX is thicker than any of my EBMM Axis guitars ranging in production dates from 1996 to 2013. The first response I had when I received & ran my hands through the EX, that I bought online directly from a Japan guitar shop, was "This neck feels significantly chunkier than the [EBMM] Axis."

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    If you're gonna quote my post, then please quote my post and give me attribution. Please don't rewrite the quote, as in my post I quoted Derek Brooks from EBMM and your thing isn't accurate to what Derek told me. And, frankly, i don't see how your "grammatical edits" provided any value over what Derek told me. Thanks.

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    Thanks guys.
    That answers my question.
    I still find it odd that some of the necks on the Axis EX are one piece while others have a maple slab.
    Either way, I think I'll just stay clear of them as it sounds like a gamble.

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    I took the chance and bought an Axis EX from Japan. I can only say this is a fantastic instrument. It sounds and plays perfectly. So I got curious about the instrument because I could not find a match in the serial number database. This is the reply that I got from EBMM by email:

    Thanks for playing Ernie Ball Music Man!

    The Axis EX models are authentic Ernie Ball Music Man bodies, necks, parts and electronics. Those parts were sent to our distributor in Japan for the final assembly and setup so they were never logged into our serial number database so we don't have the production dates available unfortunately

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    Axis Ex

    I can answer some of your questions. I currently own a few EBMM evh and axis ex guitars.

    First off all the hardware is the same on the early axis ex guitars. Offset saddles on the early Ex same as evh.

    Early ex have same neck plate as evh. Some have a letter in front of the 5 digit number. Later ones have the newer axis neck plate.

    Pickups are the same on all the ex guitars I have owned as evh.

    Early axis ex have a 2 piece bookmatched top as all mine do. Some were a one piece top over the maple cap. The cap is 1/4” same as evh with a thin veneer over it.

    Necks on the early axis ex feel exactly the same as my evh. I have owned every year evh except a 1994.

    The tone is practically identical when I play them one after another. I believe the axis EX is the best kept secret out there. Don’t tell anyone because you can still buy them under 1200-1300 until people find out what they really are. Hope this answers your questions. I have owned close to 20 Evh and Axis Ex guitars in the last 2 years.

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