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Thread: Forum Owned Music Man Guitar Headcount

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    Forum Owned Music Man Guitar Headcount

    KennethB started a thread on the Bass side that looks interesting, so I thought I'd "borrow" the idea over here for those of us with higher count yet thinner stringed instruments.

    How many Music Man guitars are currently owned by forum members?

    To keep a running total just add your current inventory to the count. Only include Music Man Guitars - no basses or other manufacturers instruments in your posession right now. Don't include anything on order or stuff that has passed through your hands.
    So I'll start with my two

    0+2 = 2
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    "If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the, quality, workmanship, playability, tone or even color of your new, and or used, Albert Lee Model. Send it to me, and I will keep it."
    Albert Lee - Gremlin Greene

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    Blue Sub 1 Hardtail HH 9/24/04

    Vox Valvetronic AD30VT

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    "Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen"

    Lefty Axis Super Sport---Natural Quilt
    Lefty Axis Super Sport---Cabernet Pearl / Hard Tail
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    I'm confused. Someone makes a sports car named Steamer? Are they based in Cleveland?

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    10+1=11 blueburst 89 silo
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    Vintage Sunburst Silhouette Special, '06; 20th Anniversary Silhouette, '06; Honeyburst Sterling '00

    I stepped upon the platform, the man gave me the news
    He said "You must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?"

    Enter the Void:

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    the silo spec is for Sale but replace by a brand new ASS
    EVH Hardtail Red 1995
    Axis Sport SSS Trem Transparent Purple 1998
    Axis Sport MM90 Trem Transparent Orange 1999
    Axis SS Hardtail Piezo Honeyburst 2007
    Albert Lee MM90 Hardtail Dargie Delight 2007
    Bongo 4HH Stealth 2007
    BFR 25th Anniversary Venetian Red burst 2009

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    1994 EBMM EVH (Trans Gold)
    2009 EBMM Axis (Black Magic Crystal)
    2013 EBMM Axis (Black Cherry Burst)
    2018 EBMM JP15 (Sahara Burst)
    2020 EBMM Sabre (Honeysuckle)
    2020 EBMM Sabre (Blue Moonstone)
    2020 EBMM Cutlass HSS RS (Dropped Copper)
    2016 Suhr Classic Pro S (Sunburst)
    2018 Suhr Modern (Bengal Burst)
    2021 Suhr Custom Standard (Faded Whale Blue Burst)
    2020 PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut (Tobacco Burst)

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    37 + 1 = 38

    but my second Ball should be here soon

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    "Thats why they call me The Kid !!"
    Luke II in Black
    Luke II in Black
    "I keep two of 'em arround,
    its better for conversation!!"

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    John Petrucci's worst nightmare is picking so fast that he ends up playing one continuous note.

    My Baby: EBMM JP Sig. 6-String in Mystic Dream Matching HS!
    Born on January 17, 2007!
    Wishlist: BFR JP In Bahama Blueburst or PurpleBurst
    White Silo Spec!!

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