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Thread: 11 strings on JP MM - additional spring?

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    11 strings on JP MM - additional spring?

    hi folks!

    i bought a new john petrucci signature music man. i really love that guitar.
    today i decided to change the strings. i all the time played 10 strings but now i would like to have more punch and power. bescause pf that i put that ghs 11 strings on it.
    what happened? i had to set the whammy again and i added one spring.
    is that correct? the tremolo block is hangin in the right position and the strings seem to keep in tune perfectly while usin the whammy.

    thx for an answer



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    # of springs is your choice. When you went up to 11's you definitely need to ajust the guitar, but adding a spring is up to you. More of a feel thing.
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    ok thanks for that answer. how high should the tremolo block be? should the block build a line with the body of the guitar when u look from the side on it?
    or do i have to ajust it another way?
    im playin on the thicker strings right now and i did a lot of dive bombs and the strings seem to stay perfectly in tune.
    this is how it looks right now:

    and this is how i added a spring. i guess it doesnt matter where to add the what position.

    is it harder to bend a string when there are 4 springs in? or is it just illusion?



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    Your trem looks alright. As long as you're not getting fret buzz, etc, it should be fine. It probably is more difficult to bend strings as you've got the guitar set up now. Before you added the extra spring your trem would float up when you bent strings (because you're adding tenion when you bend your strings). With the extra spring there is added force counteracting the tension on the strings, thus the bridge won't float up as easily when the strings are bent and the strings may not bend as easily. Plus it is markedly more difficult to bend on a set of 11's than 10's. Not to be partial...but I've always found it easier to bend Ernie Ball strings.... sorry, had to say it
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