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Thread: Axis Super Sport Owners

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    Axis Super Sport Owners

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking for a new ball and I want something a little more single coil sounding to add some different color to the band.

    My question is does the split pick-ups on the super sport sound strat like when put in the single coil mode on the selector switch? I am looking for a gilmorish/Knopfler kind of sound. I am guessing most people would say get a Silo or a AL but I just love the Axis body shape so much and would love to stick with the axis.

    Thanks so much for any input

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    Super sport with P90 pups?

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    no the humbuckers
    1991 Ernie Ball EVH Music Man Transred #80134

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    You can get clean enough tones with the ASS HH but i wouldnt call them strat like in the 2nd and 4th positions, good tones though.
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    I agree with Rob..awesome pickups....but the A.S.S. HH leans more to a Les Paul coloring than a Strat. Especially the 4th position which reminds me more of Jimmy Page that Mr Gilmour or Mr Knopfler.

    To get what you trying to acheive and still have an Axis may want to try the MM90's
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    I have to also agree with the other posts here.

    My ASS can't really get a 'typical' single coil sound, which for me is a plus. It's a fuller, fatter sound.

    Have you ever checked out a Silo yet? I played one for the first time a few weeks ago and was very impressed.

    Good luck in your search
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    Dude, what about this?


    Axis with some singles. There ya go.
    Good luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by robelinda2 View Post
    You can get clean enough tones with the ASS HH but i wouldnt call them strat like in the 2nd and 4th positions, good tones though.
    gotta agree with Rob on this

    if you really want the more traditional tones .... maybe consider a Silo Special or an AL.

    happy shopping and cheers always, eh

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    I slap a Humbucker From Hell in the neck positions of all my Axis guitars. It gives me the single coil sound I want, but hotter. I personally don't like the 2 & 4 positions too much. They are good, but not what I need from a clean tone.

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    That axis has two singles and a bridge humbucker. It doesn't have the awesome top, but that's ok. It looks pretty cool. I'm not too sure about the history of these particalar model/set-ups are.
    Great price too. Perhaps you can even talk them down.

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    Yeah maybe I just need to buy a Silo hey? I just have gotten soooo used to the EVH/Axis body shape. It fits me so well. The Dargie Silo that was mentioned on the forum the other day got me all excited as I got my credit card out and then I saw that it was sold as I read on. lol Oh well.

    Thanks for the input guys, I think I need to start looking for Silo!

    1991 Ernie Ball EVH Music Man Transred #80134

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    I love the 2 position with a bit of gain. It gives me my funky hendtix tone with a bit more phatness!!!!!!!!!!

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    To get the Knopfler quack you really need the pickups to be closer to each other.

    If you love the shape of the Axis, I'd keep my eyes peeled for a Sport SSH or SSS. They're out there (used and NOS) and you can get more typical strat tones from them.

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