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Thread: Your Dream EBMM Guitar Design...

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    Your Dream EBMM Guitar Design...

    I had this idea for a thread; which spawned from my recent G.A.S. I did a search for a thread like this one and didn't find anything. I did find a thread titled "If Money Was No Problem" but I believe this one is unique enough as to not be labeled a copy.

    If the guys at EBMM asked you what you wanted them to design, what would it be? Is it something they already have? Maybe something totally original? My design would be as follows:

    Take a Y2d in purple sunset and a standard bridge/tail-piece. You know. just a standard Y2d; now take the slanted single coil out of a Standard Morse model and put one of the Y2d purple covers on it. Also do the standard Morse switching. IOW, a Y2d with the slanted single coil and standard Mose switching.

    Anyone else have anything they'd like to design?
    - Butch Snyder

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    I'd like a standard hard-tail Morse in Radiance Red with a black hardware and pickguard (easy so far) but I'd have three coil-tap humbuckers (bridge/middle/neck) and some fancy switching to allow for combos of hums or singles.

    Then a 22 fret ebony fingerboard with the 'ping-pong ball' type inlays that the old Kramer Nightswan had (showing my age now) and a reverse EBMM headstock.

    EBMM Steve Morse Y2D Purple Sunset Quilt with Hardtail and matching headstock
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    just a regular old jp6, in white. they actually did make it just for me because money wasnt an issue. i used to want it with a mahogany/maple combo so...
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    An ASS with 3 MM90s.

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    here is a shock, a left handed Petrucci! woohoo!
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    I want a hybrid AL/PET combi.

    Basically an AL with JP floating bridge and 3 way piezo/mags switch

    The PET bridge is the best bridge ever; bar none.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leftyguitarblue View Post
    here is a shock, a left handed Petrucci! woohoo!

    What *I* would do though, just because I have my wicked reasons; is that I would throw in two PAF Pros instead of the D-Sonic and that other pickup the JP6 uses. I like the look, the feel, but think the pickups not quite what this guy is looking for. Also, just because I'm a pimp, I'd get gold hardware and pole pieces for the pickups on a white body. I'd give the option of hardtail or the JP tremolo because both have their place. Then I'd be a happy camper. Actually, screw camping. I'd be at home playing guitar!
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    Pacific Blue Burst Axis with matching headstock.
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    I'd love a Axis SS in Pacific Blue Burst, rosewood fingerboard, non trem with pickups from Luke.

    Don't think I'll ever get that on order.


    2007 Luke in Radiance Red (awesome)

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    My "dream" EBMM exists: BFR Luke in Emerald Green.

    Ok...just to get into the spirit of this thread...take the Emerald Green BFR Luke and throw in piezo, and make the bridge pickup do the split-coil thing. And, because I'm a sucker for appearances, add some cool fretboard marker inlays, like the sharks on some of the Perry Ormbsy guitars (dolphins will do instead if the shark inlay design is copyright of Ormsby Guitars...they probably are ).

    Edit: forgot to specify...quilt top please!! When can I expect delivery?
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    Wow. This is going to take a while to explain lol.

    First off, body shape somewhere between a Luke and a Petrucci. A bit smaller, really smoothed out, reminiscent of the Ibanez Joe Satriani, but different. Hard to explain. Lots of access to the upper frets. Two humbuckers, possibly DiMarzio Tone Zone in bridge, Air Norton in neck. Silver pickup rings around them. The bridge is floating like the Petrucci bridge, but with the look of the standard Music Man bridge. The arm has no tip like a Petrucci. Pickup switcher is located on the lower horn like the EVH. The toggle switches from Neck to Neck&Bridge and then to bridge. Volume pot, push-pull for coil- tapping. Another volume pot for piezo, no Tone knobs. Well, except for the piezo, which is in the usual place. The piezo switch is on the upper horn like the Petrucci, or it could be where the pickup selector would normally be on an ASS for example, not sure what would work better. The pickups would be half white, half black, or all black, or all white, depending on the color. The knobs would be the "bell" knobs like on Strats or other Music Man guitars or those chrome knobs, not sure what would look cooler.

    The neck would be a bit thicker than a Petrucci, 24 frets, with either standard dot inlays or "square" inlays like on some Gibsons. Not sure what would look better. The neck would be painted the same color of the body, with the inspiration coming from JP's Dargie BFR or the Bongo. Or it could just be the brown like on the Axis BFR KOA neck, which just had me drooling, if I want the neck to be Mahogany. Inlay color is silver, tuning key color is abalone or pearloid or whatever it's called. Also some kind of binding like on Les Pauls, the color would depend on the color of the guitar.

    I don't know, there are just so many things to consider when fantasizing about your perfect guitar haha.

    The woods- not really sure. Maybe an Ash body, Maple Top, Mahogany Tone Block, Maple Neck, Rosewood fretboard. Don't know how that would work out. Maybe a Mahogany neck, I have no clue.

    EDIT: Lol I forgot to put Chrome hardware, but maybe Gold for certain colors. Just think white with gold hardware, or Translucent Blue with gold hardware. Oh yeah baby.

    And also, perhaps a passive piezo system because it won't require batteries (if it's possible).
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    - JP 7 string BFR style
    - mahogany body
    - flamed maple top tobacco burst
    - ebony fretboard
    - (3) coil cut humbuckers
    - piezo
    - midi-capable
    - JP trem
    - cigarette holder
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    A poplar silo would open my wallet. If they brought back the SUB I'd really flip, and it'd be sweet if they make them with silo special contours, but no forearm cut... I'd buy one, for sure.

    I have a dream, that James Hetfield leaves ESP someday, and somehow stumbles into Poppa and conjures up an EBMM Explorer-type guitar. This would be the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life... well, not really, but I'd buy one or three. Can anyone else imagine this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sub1 Zero View Post
    I have a dream, that James Hetfield leaves ESP someday, and somehow stumbles into Poppa and conjures up an EBMM Explorer-type guitar. This would be the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life... well, not really, but I'd buy one or three. Can anyone else imagine this?
    Eh, don't really dig the Explorer shape, and I don't really see that happening lol
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    SUB1 (Blue)- HH, hardtail Born 5/17/04
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    The Axis. Classic guitar design, right there with the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, 335, SG, etc..
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