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Thread: crackin input boxes at ma music man

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    crackin input boxes at ma music man

    i owned the muman petrucci fully loaded 2007 version.
    i love this guitar and it sounds quite perfect. the only problem i have with it:

    both input boxes (where u plugin the cable) are crackin when u twist em or move em a lil bit.
    its the stereo input box ant i dont wanna open it to fix the metal plates....

    what can i do? contact spray? is this normal or not? :



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    you mean "crackin" as making noise through the amp? or physically moving around? either way, you should contact Customer Service, they will help you out much better than any of us can. Ernie Ball Music Man Company Contact Information
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    I would suspect/check the cable first myself.
    It costs a lot of money to almost die.

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    contact cleaner if there is just noise when you move the cable at the input end... or check the cable...

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    Make sure the nuts that hold the jack sockets in place are tight too.

    Spray some contact cleaner on a jack plug, plug it in and wiggle it around (ooo-err)

    Should do the trick.

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