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Thread: How Did You First Discover EBMM Guitars?

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    How Did You First Discover EBMM Guitars?

    Apologies if this is a recent repost. Delete as is appropriate.

    <Skip to the bottom for the Ritalin version.>

    The Long Story:
    I just got back into playing guitar this past January while recovering from injury. I had hung-up my guitars waaaay back in 1981 because of burn-out and from being tired of starving and going nowhere. Such is life, it was a great experience and was fun most of the time. Needless to say I'm plenty rusty. lol

    Back in about February while I was searching YouTube for different versions of the old Beatles classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" I came across Toto's live version. I noticed Luke playing a guitar that I first thought was a Strat, but it had a strange headstock and obviously wasn't one. (I was veeeery impressed with the guitar solos and this version remains my favorite.)

    A month or so later I see Albert playing on the Crossroads 2007 DVD that a friend turned me on to and his guitar had the same unfamiliar headstock as Luke's.
    I did some research and the rest is history.

    Ritalin Version:
    Saw Luke, saw AL, both were playing an unknown (to me) brand of guitar. Researched, found Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. Became happier.

    Got a story?
    Music Man's customer service is TERRIFIC!
    1st EBMM: 2008 Silhouette Special, Candy Red, HSS, trem, rosewood.
    2nd EBMM: (Sold) 2007 Luke, HSS, Black.
    3rd EBMM: 2008 Steve Morse Y2D, De-Purple Burst, trem, 500k ohm pots. Most beautiful guitar I have ever seen!

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    Fairly simple, knew of the EB strings because thats what I have always used, saw a EBMM display at the Dallas Guitar Festival a few years back and saw my first Musicman guitars, very impressed but at that time out of my league, went to GC to buy a new guitar at Christmas in 2006 and there was a Luke staring me down, tried it out, bought it and been buying and selling EBMM since then, had the pleasure of many in my hands all are great but almost there with my personal favs

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    I was taken in by the early Steve Morse ads in the late '80s. Just never bought anything from Ernie Ball, I've been so taken by the vintage styled stuff that I never looked to any other companies. Now, age 34, with a bunch of Fender stuff, I feel bored with the old and ready for the new!

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    From watching Steuart Smith on the Eagles Farewell I Tour DVD and listening to the tones he was getting from the EBMM guitars he was playing, especially the ASS.

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    Early 90's. Edward Van Halen and his signature model.

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    Wow, Volt. Reading the beginning of your story, I thought you had somehow ripped off my story before I had a chance to tell it!

    Sometime in the early 80's I decided to go back to college and did some guitar playing now and then.....but it took a definate back seat.

    Fast forward to January this year. My 7 year old had wanted to take guitar lessons a year ago and the lesson shop convinced my wife at that time that he should take keyboard instead. She went along with them and told him that if he wanted to do guitar after a year, he could. He's got a very good memory and almost to the day, reminded my wife of this as 07 ended. He started lessons just after the first of the year.

    While he practiced, I would work with him, but found that I was useless unless I had my guitar, so pulled it out from under the bed. Soon after that, while watching a Guns n' Roses video on Youtube, saw in the "related" a guitar lesson by Justin Sandercoe. I clicked it...curious...he does the slash lead and thought "I can do that". Got my guitar out...learned it. I was hooked from there.

    Forward to February, when I discovered Guitar Center. I'm trying out different guitars with the.....maybe 4 songs I had picked up. Behind me and my son was a guy playing some really, really great leads and getting unbelievable sound out of the amp he was using. When he put the guitar back on the rack and left, I went over and pulled it down, hooked it up and played it. It was an Axis Super Sport. I found that I could play those 4 songs better than I could on other guitars. I didn't know why, but did do some back to back with other ones and sure enough, it played better.

    In April, I bought a Sub1 for short money. Later, after buying/selling a number of guitars since then, this month, I picked up an Axis Supersport owned by at least 2 prior forum members.

    7/29/04 EBMM Sub1 X11376 oil/wax neck, gloss black body, faux binding, HSS w/5 way and silent circuit
    keep in mind that you are talking about four pieces of wood two pots one switch a trem along with springs two pickups and some wire.....BP

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbucker View Post
    Early 90's. Edward Van Halen and his signature model.
    2008 LE Silhouette Special SSS
    20th Silhoutte w/Piezo

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbucker View Post
    Early 90's. Edward Van Halen and his signature model.
    "Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen"

    Lefty Axis Super Sport---Natural Quilt
    Lefty Axis Super Sport---Cabernet Pearl / Hard Tail
    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Mark View Post
    I'm confused. Someone makes a sports car named Steamer? Are they based in Cleveland?

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    EVH and Vinnie moore
    Besides, Neil Zaza

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    I'm a relative noob to guitar playing in general, so when I saw Live at Budokan by Dream Theater in 2005, my life began. It inspired me so much, I decided to learn guitar. The rest is history.

    I am so glad I decided to buy that DVD.
    2003 Petrucci 7 - White
    2005 Petrucci 7 - Radiance Red
    2006 Petrucci 6 - Desert Gold
    2007 Petrucci 7 - Dargie Delight
    2013 JP12 7 - Cherry Sugar
    2014 JP13 6 - Cardinal Red Sparkle

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbucker View Post
    Early 90's. Edward Van Halen and his signature model.
    +3, but I backed into Music Man from Peavey. My wife bought me a Wolfgang for Christmas 1999, that led to my interest in the Axis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarHack View Post
    +3, but I backed into Music Man from Peavey. My wife bought me a Wolfgang for Christmas 1999, that led to my interest in the Axis.
    +4 - EVH is the only reason I discovered EBMM.
    Red Axis Hardtail
    Sunburst Axis Hardtail with Rosewood fingerboard
    Green Sparkly Axis Super Sport Hardtail
    Purple EVH Hardtail
    Coral Red Albert Lee HH Hardtail
    Zoom G5n

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    Flea playing bass and Edward with the trans color axis. 18 years later I own a fine Albert.
    05' LE Albert

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    Well, my first guitar was a piss poor MM EVH ripoff... so that was it, really! Other than the EVH siggy, I fell asleep watching German television late one night in '94 or '95, but awoke to the sound of amazing guitar playing, coming from a guy with curly hair playing a guitar with the unmistakable MM headstock... Yup, it was Luke with Los Lobotomys!


    "Do be do be do" - Frank Sinatra

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    The artist formerly known as "radrock"
    Axis Hardtail TransPurple #89749 (3/28/97)
    Reflex Classic White #G71108 (7/14/14)
    StarryNight #G79870 (12/14/16)

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