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Thread: Silhouette Special

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    Silhouette Special

    I just bought my first EBMM guitar on e-bay.
    a silhouette special in metal flake green , with a maple neck
    non- matching headstock , with 3 single coils and a nice pearloid pickguard.

    Can anyone tell me what is the date of manufacture ?
    the serial number is G06375


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    A good choice my friend. Welcome to the EBMM forum. Someone from Customer Services will probably tell you when it was made.....but they may be resting on Sunday

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    Dont fool us dude. We dont think you have a Silo Spec.

    Prove it to us - with PICS!!

    Haha. Welcome to the forum!

    And check out this thread, post your pics there too!

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    "If you bend a string and you don't make a face; it's like eating food without tasting it." - Paul Gilbert

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    Now post some pics, man!
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    silhouette special in metal flake green , with a maple neck
    non- matching headstock , with 3 single coils and a nice pearloid pickguard
    Only paid 590 for it and it looks like new....
    to see a picture have a look at my profile and look at my album......more will come.......
    anyone can tell me the retail price......
    so much better than my standard fender.....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Silhouette Special-e871_3-jpg  

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    Sweet guitat mate. I saw that one on the bay. Congrats and welcome,

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    Very nice guitar! Congrats! Welcome!
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    Nice Score.

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    That's a beauty, welcome to the Forum
    NY Pug

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    We are discouraged from quoting specific retail prices on here......a quick trawl of the internet will reveal that you paid about half the typical price of a new one

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    Gorgeous. I was watching that one on eBay myself. A very sweet color combo. Congrats and enjoy it!!!!!
    2008 LE Silhouette Special SSS
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    That's a beaut alright - green guitars rock
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    Nice find and great price.

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    Congrats to that fine guitar you got there from a fellow Silo Special addict !

    Metal flake green is just cool. Makes me somewhat envy-green

    ...on the other hand... pearl lavender...

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