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Thread: ugly nut reply

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    ugly nut reply

    i would really like to answer the member in this forum, dear moderator.

    i really had all those *special* marks on my music man.

    writing to the customer service would change nothing! sending my guitar to the states??? because of an ugly finished nut?

    i ordered this guitar new via internet. i didnt see it before.

    i have a lot of guitars here at home and i really like to take a closer look at my instruments. i truly know that every single instrument has some bugs....

    but i have 2 fender strats that havent!

    technically the guitar works absolutely amazin but when theres glue all over ma 24th fret...sry...thats not good looking....

    i love ernie ball music man guitars and i will always play em with love!



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    Contact customer service for erniball 1st my friend and they will resolve any issues you have with your guitar.
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    k thanks!


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