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Thread: "60 Cycle" help...

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    "60 Cycle" help...

    Recently, I started getting a very prominent 60 cycle hum when playing my guitars/ amp. I have tried using multiple guitars, , I have tried it with multiple cables, and I have unplugged verything from the my Monster Power Pro 2000 except my guitar amplifier. The Pro 2000 is the only thing on the circuit. Nothing seems to resolve the hum. Any thoughts?

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    what is your amp, valve or tranny?

    if its a valve, possibly your pre amp valves could do with a fresh set of tubes, if its a transistor, then your power caps are in need of replacement. Take the amp to a qualified repairman to have it tested for both possible causes
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    It it amp noise? If you turn down the guitar's volume, or have the cable unlugged, do you hear it? Tried different cables?

    Or are you picking up RF through your guitar? Any chance you've moved your amp so you're now sitting closer to it?

    I'd try the amp on a few different circuits in your house. Move it upstairs, etc. Basically, try and rule out whether it's the amp/cable itself, bad power, or noise that your guitar is legitimately picking up.

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    I'm going to step away from the direct instrument equipment a bit.

    Is there anything else near the amp, cables or plugged into the same outlet? I know I get noise with my laptop power supply if it's too close to signal cables.....and the laptop itself raises havoc with everything. I use the laptop for both pedal programming and recording, so cable routing is quite tricky.

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