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Thread: Luke vs Silhouette Special

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    Luke vs Silhouette Special

    Well who would win in a fight? I'm looking at both and like them for different reasons. It seems like the Silo special might be a bit more versatile with all the different coil combinations... But can it rock like the Luke???


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    They're both versatile and very comparable. Biggest difference is the neck profile. The SS is more traditionally shaped, the Luke is smaller with a slight "v" and smaller frets. They're both comfortable as hell ... I've owned a few of both and they're great.

    Pickup wise, they're a bit different. EMGs tend to be more even across the fequencies, more "hi-fi" for lack for a better term. The SS's p'ups have the typical peaks you'd associate with strat-type p'ups. Again, both are great, you'll probably just EQ your amp a little differently with either.

    So they both rock. I'd say play both if you can and you'll know which one feels better to your hands.

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    Oh the Silo Special can rock baby.
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    Both are awesome guitars. The difference for me is the neck. I like the Silo Special neck much better than the Luke. Just my personal preference. Others love it.

    How about a Silo Special with Luke Pickups?

    The middle and neck pickups are actually an SA and an S. The bridge is an 85. The Luke pickups just came available for sale, so I might switch them out for the SLV's.
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    I got a Silo Spec and have played a Luke in stores before. I dig the more "traditional" Silo for the neck profile and pickups. More stratty.
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    Both are great guitars and both would win and rock out, cant lose either way or make it easy get both and be very happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by jptortor View Post
    But can it rock like the Luke???
    You tell me: SoundClick artist: Demioblue - page with MP3 music downloads

    done with my new candy red SS.
    - Lionel

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    Quote Originally Posted by petruccirocks02 View Post
    C'mon though Lionel, everyone knows that you're a Silo whore. Haha.

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    Well, I would like both.... ha. I think though I am going to splurge and get a PRS Mira for humbucker sounds and either a luke or silo special for more stratlike sounds.

    The regular Silo always draws me in too, but it just looks weird to me for some reason... I don't know why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitestrat View Post
    You tell me: SoundClick artist: Demioblue - page with MP3 music downloads

    done with my new candy red SS.
    Lionel, nicely done!
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    I own both. My Silo has the HSS pickup configuration.
    Frets: I prefer the Silo's taller frets.
    Neck: The neck shape difference is a non-issue for me because the Luke's V-neck is very subtle.
    Pickups: I love the tone and the variety I get with the Silo. The Luke's pup's are higher output and have a "heavier" tone that sounds great. I prefer the Silo however - used with a boost pedal to kick it up a notch.
    Body/looks: Purely subjective.
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    I own both, love both, However, the Luke has an extra bit of class.
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    i had one ss before.. it was really a great guitar with a great sound and playability..

    but after i got two luke, i found it was hard for me hopping around to other guitar because of the neck shape of the luke is so unique.. so i sold th ss..

    the neck is slightly different.. ss was little bigger than luke and the fret is taller.. both are comfortable to play ( in my opinion, i find luke is easier to play)

    i found the sound of both guitars is similar due to the same configuration..

    if you want a split coils in luke, you could change the humbucker to an emg 89, some people in here did that and most of the people said it was great..

    if you have no problem with changing battery and plug off the cable everytime you're done playing.. then i suggest you to get one luke at least.. you have to have one.. it's really a different guitar..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteDuBaldo View Post
    Lionel, nicely done!
    Thanks pete!
    - Lionel

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    Quote Originally Posted by petruccirocks02 View Post
    C'mon though Lionel, everyone knows that you're a Silo whore. Haha.

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    Luke all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!
    But then again i love silos too hehe
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    I had both and as you cn see the silo spec is no longer in my signature Didn't like the neck on the silo spec.

    I really love the Luke though I prefer position 2 pickup configuration on the SS.
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