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Thread: Silhouette Special's Manufactured date

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    Unhappy My Silhouette Special's Manufactured date?


    Please let me know my Silhouette Special's birth date.

    SN : G01725

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    Built 5/98


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    Why are so many on this board so concerned with build dates anyhoo?

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    new to the board, and to Music Man guitars.
    The dating thing is is on every forum about every type of guitar.
    I asked the same of my newly aquired Albert Lee G17498.

    I'd have to blame most retailers who try to sell boutique guitars and amps, and extoll the virtues of getting a low serial #, as well as the rediculous collectors ( a great deal who don't even play).
    Sorry, but the whole PRS thing eludes me.

    I play mostly Hamers, and now an Albert Lee. They are finely crafted instruments with none of the rediculous hype, or posers playing the instruments.

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