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Thread: Charlie Daniels Band (Double Neck Content)

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    Charlie Daniels Band (Double Neck Content)

    The Charlie Daniels Band came to Pozo, CA yesterday, which is about a half hour drive from San Luis Obispo. So a few of us headed to the concert and delivered a new double neck to Chris Wormer, the guitarist. He was so stoked on the new guitar that he had his tech throw some strap locks on it so he could play it that day. Here's a few pics from the concert. Chris is an awesome guy who was more than hospitable to us the whole day. He had a bunch of great stories and a lot to talk about so we were very entertained the whole time. He has a great arsenal of Music Man guitars and he played all of them during the show. They all just looked like they were having a great time out there! This was my first time seeing the Charlie Daniels band and it was just great, I can't wait to see them again on their next West Coast tour.

    Here's a link to the whole album:
    Picasa Web Albums - Aziah - Charlie Daniels

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    Great pics and it looks like it was a fun time. Thanks for posting them.

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    Cool pics, Aziah. Thanks for sharing. Chris must be a pretty big guy, cause that double neck looks kinda small in his hands.

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    That's really great, the doubleneck looks fantastic! No audio clips?

    BTW, this is the best picture by far:
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    very cool
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    Awesome pics.Thanx for sharing.
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    Great stuff!! I just watched an Opry Live show where CDB was playing. He had a very nice Carbon Blue Pearl Silo Special.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyEVH5150 View Post
    Great stuff!! I just watched an Opry Live show where CDB was playing. He had a very nice Carbon Blue Pearl Silo Special.
    I saw that too...Chris is an awesome guitarist and has a nice collection of Ernie ball guitars. I have a Charlie Daniels Band DVD, and Chris is playing a nice green silo.

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    that loaded Pacific Blue ASS looks mighty sweet too!

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    cool, donīt know Charlie Daniels Band to be honest but the Double Neck Silo looks great. very tiny for a double neck. Great pics too. thanks
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    The band has really nice and friendly folks. It's been a while ago but they sat directly behind me on a flight and we had a nice chat. I found them to be very approachable.

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    Great pics! I saw the CDB twice in the late 70's in Vegas. Great band, great man, and Chris has some great MM guitars. Including the mentioned green Silo

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    That Green Silo is sweet!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brasco68 View Post
    That Green Silo is sweet!!
    Boy Howdy!!!

    I would love to have been there. Thanks for sharing the pics and your experience.
    - Butch Snyder

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    Cool shots, Aziah! Looks like it was a fun time. Pozo ROCKS!!!
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