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Thread: JP6 push/pull pot mod installed!!!

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    So how do you like the JP now with a few more selectable options?
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    i havent had too much of a play as ive been busy the past few days

    as soon as i can ill post some vids/clips showing all the different tones
    basically endless tones now!!

    really really digging the split neck pickup
    i always felt the original middle split sounded great, but lacked a bit of something, and also was a signature petrucci sound
    the neck split adds a whole different dimension
    a little fuller than the middle split
    and has a bit more of that stratty bell/chime sound

    the middle pushed (so both humbuckers)
    is also amazing
    useable as a clean tone without muddying up too much
    very full and big, but not overpowering and still delicate and sort of sparkling.

    i love trying to describe sound with words!!!

    as i said ill try and get some clips up soon

    but overall, to answer your question

    So how do you like the JP now with a few more selectable options?

    i love it just as much as i did before, but now even more
    the guitar itself has always inspired me to play
    now ive got a few more things to play around with!
    just bought a new wah pedal too (crybaby from hell!!)
    and just retubed my mark IV
    things have never been better!
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    Hi peat!! Could you tell me if doing this to my guitar i'll still have the same central sound in parallel of the original jp6 configuration??thanks a lot - giorgio

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    Another thing..the changing from 250 to 500 k of the tone knob is giving the guitar a different sound? Thanks!

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    Oof, nice bump!

    Been thinking of doing this myself too

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    Is that EB official mod ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by joepinna View Post
    Another thing..the changing from 250 to 500 k of the tone knob is giving the guitar a different sound? Thanks!
    JP guitars are always 500k, never 250k.
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    I have to dimarzio push pull pots bought since 2010 , beej sent me a wiring diagram I think is the same as this, he said is the easier way to do it...
    but in my town there is no guitar tech, my question is :
    if showing the diagram and this thread to an electronics repairman will he able to do the job and not taking a risk to mess up my JP?

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    That's great, would love to also add the boost switch like the Luke III. Anyone do this yet?
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    Any chance we can get all the pictures from the initial post restored?
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    Many thanks for the doc. I suppose that explanation is valid for the inner coils, but if I want is the outside coils what cables should I re-solder?

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    peat Many thanks for a beautiful work. I try myself with mi JP6 but I have two problems.
    1. In the pushed middle spot (both humbuckers) the gain of the guitar decreases considerably, barely audible
    2. The potentiometer of the volume affects the volume too quickly (in all positions, pushen and pulled), that is to say, that with barely half a turn the guitar no longer has volume

    I followed the whole procedure as you indicated it. Could the fact that my guitar does not have a piezo and this means some different connection?. I attach two images
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails JP6 push/pull pot mod installed!!!-jp6-jpeg   JP6 push/pull pot mod installed!!!-jp6-jpeg  

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    I have the same problem, did you solve it?

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