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Thread: nice lil report from gc sessions over at premierguitar..

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    Thumbs up nice lil report from gc sessions over at premierguitar..

    flats for the bongo!
    roundwounds for the fretless!

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    trussrod adjustment:
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    less relief / flatter = lower action
    more relief / bow = higher action
    do NOT use cheap tools to adjust with. they break and scrape up your bass!

    if you have a 100th namm sr4: the truss works the other way around on those!

    i have no affiliation with eb other than i love their basses

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    It was a great sessions. Myself and few other forumites were there. I wonder if the officialy You Tube video is up yet.
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    Ive had some time to re charge and really am proud at how hard the guys worked and they really showed their love for what we do......nice article!
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    It was an awesome evening!

    Those of us who were there know...if hearing Luke and Steve Morse blaze through Little Wing doesn't inspire you... I don't know what to tell you.
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