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Thread: Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?

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    Van Halen Signature 1993 #83075 Purple quilt top

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    Mystic Dream Petrucci 6: G18323

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    Ernie Ball Music Man Axis S/N A91383

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    My first thread!
    Music Man ---Luke---G 13095---Black Sparkle!


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    ebmm natural flametop axis #85721
    ebmm White/white silhouette #98703
    pearl red burst john petrucci #G21613
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    Axis - G09622
    Axis Sport w.Piezo - G09952
    Axis Super Sport MM90 - G14196
    Axis Super Sport HH - G08665
    Silhouette - G15188

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    Envy Green EBMM JP6 LE w/ Piezo - G25131
    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix

    '04 EBMM JP6 LE2 Envy Green
    '04 Martin D-15

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    Honeycomb Sunburst Silhouette: 93307
    '94 MusicMan Silhouette SSH in a honeycomb sunburst.

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    EBMM Petrucci 6-string, trem, piezo, inlays, match headstock, Pearl Redburst
    JP6 Pearl Redburst
    Y2D Purple Sunset
    Dargie Delight (1) Bongo H
    Majesty (6 string) Glacial Frost

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    Steve Morse Model - G14405
    Blue Pearl
    Rosewood fingerboard
    Signed by the man himself!

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    Steve Morse Model
    Blue Burst
    w/Floyd Rose

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    Luke blue

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    Radiance Red
    Ser No: G17730.

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    Jp-6: G26432

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    JP-6 Pearl Redburst: G26476

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