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Thread: Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?

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    Morse y2d g36043


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    Axis G19387

    Thanks in advance:

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    Which DOB?
    JP7 found at my local shop, serial number is: F04750
    I guess it should come with both DiMarzio Custom Wound, but a confirmation would be appreciated!

    thanks in advance,

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    Hello, will it be ok to get some information on these guitars :

    Musicman Steve Morse standard G32326 - D.O.B and where it was sold
    Musicman Luke PDN G54238 - D.O.B any chance of it's production number aswell
    Musicman LIII G63427 - D.O.B
    Musicman Luke BFR BBB G34548 - will it be ok to find out where this one was sold, I think it was sold in the US and bought into Aus. Would be cool to know where it came from

    Thank you very much
    Musicman Luke BFR Bahama Blueburst, Sparkle Back (03/07/07) (1 of 10 signed by Luke)
    Musicman LIII BFR Blueberry Burst
    Musicman LIII Bodhi Blue
    Musicman Y2D

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    Can I get a D.O.B. and if possible color for a MM Steve Morse with serial: G19759

    EBMM - AL MM90 White
    EBMM - AL HH Black Sugar Roasted Maple
    EBMM - Armada Black flamed
    EBMM - JP7 White
    EBMM - Cutlass Vintage Turquoise
    EBMM - Stingray Starry Night

    Mesa Boogie RA-100
    Yamaha THR5

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    DOB for amber Axis G09619

    Trans Red EVH - DOB 9/20/93
    Trans Green EVH - DOB 8/24/92
    Seafoam Axis - DOB 2/19/09
    Vintage Sunburst Axis Sport HH piezo trem - DOB 2/28/01
    Trans Green Axis Tribute - DOB 9/01/11
    Trans Amber Axis - DOB 3/29/00
    Pacific Blueburst Axis Super Sport HH piezo hardtail - DOB 7/29/05
    Natural Axis - DOB 12/18/96
    Black Axis - DOB 01/13/00
    Natural Axis - DOB 11/06/97
    Honey Sunburst Axis Super Sport HH piezo hardtail - DOB 5/16/02
    Rosewood Axis - DOB 11/05/08
    Black Axis pickguard - DOB 1/15/98

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    Thank you sir! Much appreciated

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    I would also like to know the year of my super sweet cherry burst Axis serial G40795 Thank you

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    I would like to know the year of my EVH sunburst : 85720
    and Luke II : Q20178
    Thank you

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    I am interested to know when my Axis was born. I need it for insurance purposes. SN: G26348


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    so, in an estate sale we bought a music man stingray4 fretless bass guitar..........serial # B015725 we are wondering if you could tell us a little about it and what the value is? ty

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    Hello all! I have EBMM JP6 BFR Koa #G52822. Cert shows 1-20-2012 for date, but i am a bit unclear as to if the finish is Island Burst or Honey Burst. The hardware is silver, not gold, and the ebony fretboard appears to be oil/wax. Any info on this?

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    Silhouette: G40285


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    JP6 G30700

    Thank you kindly.

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