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Thread: Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?

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    EBMM Petrucci 7-string
    Matching Headstock
    -A bird does not ask, “Is my song pretty?”

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    Steve Morse model, vintage sunburst


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    JP-6 Mystic Dream with Full Options. G15257.

    From June 2001 - one of the first to go through production.

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    John Petrucci 7 string, Pearl Redburst, Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock: F05313

    I've had it for a while, no idea how to read the serial number.

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    EBMM Axis serial #:G09486 - Brand New - I've fallen in love!
    EBMM Axis.....so sweet even JJ wants it!

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    My serial number

    Ernie Ball MusicMan Axis Super Sport: G12273

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    JP-6, graphite pearl, piezo, inlays, matching headstock #G27986

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    Rosewood Axis Super Sport: G28033

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    Axis - G09584

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    Carbon Blue Pearl Petrucci 6 (fully loaded) - G28072
    86' MIJ Lake Placid Blue Fender Stratocaster
    EBMM Carbon Blue Pearl Petrucci 6 String
    Ibanez RG1527Royal Blue 7 String

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    Pettruci 6, Mystic Dream, fully loaded-G28261

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    EBMM JP7 Pearl Redburst S/N F03113
    Most People Turn and Laugh When I Tell Them I Only Have 1/32" to Play With

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    Silhouette: 89044

    Birdseye maple neck and fretboard
    Maple headstock
    Hum, Hum
    Normal Bridge

    I bought this second hand so can you tell me its DOB as well please.
    Musicman Black (HH) Silhouette [trem-less]
    Marshall JCM 900 100W [H/C]

    If it's worth doing, it's worth OVERdoing! - Paul Gilbert

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    JP6, Mystic Dream w/matching headstock, G22541
    EBMM JP6 - Mystic Dream

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    JP7 Buttercream 2005 Limited Edition: F05245
    Axis Natural: G28074

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