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Thread: Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?

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    I'm shopping for a new Petrucci and want to make sure it's got stainless frets.


    My current one is G69414

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    S/N G63936


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    Quote Originally Posted by RSG View Post
    G22464 (JP6) Thanks!
    This JP6 was completed on February 26th, 2003. The color is Black Sparkle with the Rosewood fretboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by ristillu View Post
    I'm shopping for a new Petrucci and want to make sure it's got stainless frets.


    My current one is G69414
    G52897 - This JP6 BFR was completed on January 26th, 2012. The color is Island Burst with the Rosewood fretboard. The serial number database doesn't specify the fret type unfortunately. We are usually able to tell by the date, but this one was completed during the transition. I think this would most likely have nickel frets as stainless steel was announced as standard on the model in January 2012 at NAMM. We are a build to order company so it wouldn't have been until May/June 2012 that all JP models were consistently leaving factory with stainless steel.

    G69414 - This JP6 was completed on January 13th, 2014. The color is Blue Pearl with the Rosewood fretboard. This one has stainless steel frets.

    Quote Originally Posted by silence.speaks View Post

    S/N G63936

    This Luke was completed on May 25th, 2012. The color is Luke Blue with the Rosewood fretboard.

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    Need to catch up on some DOBs:

    LIII BFR - S/N G58360

    LIII PDN - S/N G55898

    LIII - S/N G69458

    LIII PDN - S/N G71238

    LIII BFR - S/N G77979

    Thanks in advance!
    Starry Night LIII HH
    Bali Burst LIII HH
    some other LIIIs
    25th Anniversary

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    Jp6 - s/n g54224

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    what date is this?
    IT can be viewed here

    Ernie Ball Music Man BFR JP6 Baritone Cherry Burst 2015 Used | Reverb

    thinking of buying it but the dealer says it it BFR yet my other bfr musicman has a ball family reserve inlay at the 12th fret and this does not? Is that right?

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    could you please tell me about the E02676 ?


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    could you please tell me the production date of my EBMM EVH #83891 ? Thanks!

    Greetings from Bavaria!

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    Hi, Can you tell me when my Albert Lee serial no. G50653 was manufactured. Many thanks, Steve.

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    Hi - can you help me understand about my Axis SS Rosewood top/neck I purchased used today? G31319. Thank you!

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    Jp6 g30452
    jp6 g25492
    jpx g49746

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    Hi - I have a Stingray Bass 4 string - S/N is E267400 - can you advise date of production please?

    Thanks - Dan

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    I have an Axis G14485 - Music Man Axis Natural
    Can you give me date of production please?

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    Music man Steve Morse model

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    Silhouette s/n G28662, pls.

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