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Thread: Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyYo View Post
    The only # I can find is 48171 on the bridge. Any info would help
    This StingRay 3EQ was completed on January 18th, 1996. The color is Sunburst with the Rosewood fretboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxxub38 View Post
    Hi, i'm going to buy a JP15 bfr Sahara quilt from a Guitar Shop but i'm not so sur this is one. It seems to be a JP6 (bfr ?). The serial is G37406.
    Thanks for your precisions �� and long life to Ernie Ball !
    This JP6 BFR was completed on October 12th, 2007. The color is Trans Walnut with the Rosewood fretboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by teej View Post
    Hi. I'm new to this forum. There is a number on the bridge plate under the saddles. No letter just five digits. 39167. On the headstock it says "EB Musicman SingRay" made in San Luis Obispo Ca. USA. String retainers in A an D. 4 dots past 12th fret.
    It looks like it had been resprayed white in its life (badly). The paint is coming off revealing a clear finish on what could be maple?? Maple neck. Any info including DOB please. I am in Australia.
    This StingRay 3EQ was completed on November 17th, 1993. The color is White with the Maple neck. In the 90s, we used a mix of Ash, Alder and Poplar for the body wood. The serial number database doesn't specify the body wood for each specific instrument, but the white finish was most commonly Poplar.

    Quote Originally Posted by HeinzStrudel View Post
    I bought a JP6 a few years ago, I'd like to figure out how old it is S/N G24794

    Thanks :-)
    This JP6 was completed on June 3rd, 2004. The color is Mystic Dream with the Rosewood fretboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maddot View Post
    Hi Joel,
    I bought my Axis some 17 years ago from a guy in the US (I’m in Scotland) and I’ve always wondered what age it was , and where it was sold to . Thanks in advance for any details you can give me . SN G15153,
    Thanks ,
    Stewart .
    This Axis was completed on May 25th, 2001. The color is Trans Gold with the Maple neck & matching headstock. It was originally shipped to Spotlight Music Inc.

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    Thanks for your time Joel

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    Hello, may I trouble you for the completion date of JP6 serial # G23456, please? Thanks.

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    Hey Joel:

    I need to ask you something, but I couldn't PM you because your mailbox is full. Can you PM me or email me at Thanks, man!


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    Hello , Just picked up a Used EBMM Axis Super Sport .... Serial # G10414 ... need to know Date of Build and Original Color .... thanks

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    MM Stingray 4 F05875

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    EBMM JP Majesty
    Serial number: M00067

    Would like to know the production date and any other info you have.

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    Hello! My Jp6 serial number is G27950. I would like to know dob and other info!
    Thank you!

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    EBMM JP6 G29859 - any information on this guitar is appreciated (e.g., DOB, pickups, fretboard, and neck material). Thanks
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    Can you tell me if this guitar actually has Stainless Steel frets? I can't see the guitar in person:

    Serial # G51560
    2013 JP7 BFR Emerald Sparkle
    2014 Majesty Sapphire Blue
    2019 Majesty BFR Charred Silver

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    Hello, Looking for the year of production for an Axis Super Sport serial # G68735. Thank you

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    Hi there, can you please tell me the production date for G92101.

    Thank you much...

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    Hi, I would like to know the production year of this Luke.

    And if is Luke 1 or 2


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    Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?-179752cc-5be7-4fee-a5ca-542cadd59f08-jpeg
    Quote Originally Posted by Dtrapero View Post
    Hi, I would like to know the production year of this Luke.

    And if is Luke 1 or 2


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    Music Man Silhouette Special G60960

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