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Thread: sustainer on a luke II

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    Wink sustainer on a luke II

    hello everybody , is anyone put a sustainer on a luke : what set of sustainer 401 or 404 did you chose , and is there a problem with the compatibilty between the emg and the sustainer neck pick up ???

    thanks my friend

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    I added a Sustainer kit to my Luke II. With some creative wiring and serious modification to the Sustainer circuit board and toggle switches I was able to place it in the control cavity and retain the wiring for the piezo without any additional routing. I also had to remove half a dozen components from the circuit board and install jumper cables to relocate them and give me more room in the existing cavity. It took about 6-7 hours to fit the circuit board how I wanted and then another 2-3 hours to dial in the Sustainer.

    Yes, having the Sustainer is fun, but in my opinion it wasn't worth the time and effort to install it the way I did, and I would never go through it again. If you don't mind routing, then that will probably be the better way to go. I went this route so I can go back to "stock" at any time.

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    thanks my friend ::::

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