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Thread: COuld there be more torture! YES ALOC TORTURE

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    COuld there be more torture! YES ALOC TORTURE

    OK here are the pallets of brand new Music Man Amps that we got when we bought the company in 1984....untouched...

    Then here is a special 25th that we made for Steve has crazy switching....pos 1 bridge pos 2 three coils closest to the bridge...pos 3 inside coils with a pot to attenuate lower volume (theres a push pull on the tone pot but I forget what it does and the 4th is all coils and the 5th is the neck solo

    How about these AL's rosewood neck with WHite on White pealt 2 H and groovy red with two humbuckings

    And lastly some vintage studies of al's some interesting pickups in one of them...a set of Lollars
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    Wow. The 2 hb AL in white. Speechless.

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    That 25th is sexy as hell!

    BP...does it sound the same as the other 25ths or does it have tonal characteristics that lean more towards the Y2D or the BFR Steve was playing at the L.A. GC session with Luke in May?

    Thank you for sharing these!
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    My goodness. That 25th for Steve is unbelievable

    Only if it were for another Steve

    Out of curiosity BP, what'll become of those amps?
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    this is torture what are the plans with the 25th?

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    Those Al's... superduper!! White RW - just beautiful!
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    That 25th is beautiful - and the White HH AL
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    and the 25th/Steve Morse is unbelievable

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    Yesss torture is back!!!!!!!!!!

    MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!! MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!MORSE 25th or 2HB -AL - I WANT BOTH!!!
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    Sooo much AL & 25th GAS... And this just made it so much worse!

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    I need

    That Morse is really stunning, could swim in that!

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    Nice work!

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    Wow. White and rosewood is a great combination. Morse 25th is outstanding.
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    I wouldn't mind one of those amps.
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