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  • 25th Anniversary

    30 11.03%
  • 20th Silhouette

    20 7.35%
  • Silhouette

    21 7.72%
  • Silhouette Special

    34 12.50%
  • JP6

    50 18.38%
  • JP7

    14 5.15%
  • JP6BFR

    37 13.60%
  • JP7BFR

    16 5.88%
  • Albert Lee

    17 6.25%
  • Albert Lee BFR

    6 2.21%
  • Steve Morse

    17 6.25%
  • Steve Morse Y2D

    20 7.35%
  • Axis

    38 13.97%
  • Axis Super Sport

    43 15.81%
  • Axis BFR

    4 1.47%
  • Axis Super Sport BFR

    6 2.21%
  • Luke

    31 11.40%
  • Luke BFR

    15 5.51%
  • Silhouette Gold Roller

    3 1.10%
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Thread: What's your favourite EBMM model?

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    What's your favourite EBMM model?

    Like the title says... I'm actually interested to see what the forum fav is.

    Multiple choices can be made.
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    - Lionel

    Vote for your favourite EBMM Model here!

    Favourite Ball: JPX7 , May 2010

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    C'mon though Lionel, everyone knows that you're a Silo whore. Haha.

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    i voted jp6, BFR jp6, 20th, silo spec and ASS...... as they are the only ones ive played... and i loved them all.. but out of the ones i own the JP6 is tops.. followed very closely by the silo spec (soooo comfortable!!)
    EBMM JP6 MYSTIC DREAM LOADED! My #1 (Born: January 23 2008)
    Mesa Boogie Mark V combo (selling to fund Axe-FX setup )
    Vox Tonelab SE multi effects

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    i think you should do this again the group them together a bit more
    eg the JPs together, both Lukes together, silos together etc.
    its a bit broad otherwise

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    I voted silhouette special because it is the only one I have played except silhouette, SS has better neck!!

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    I wish I could say "all of the above"...but I voted for Silo Spec and Axis.

    EBMM L3 HH (Olive Gold)
    EBMM L3 HSS Roasted (Bodhi Blue)
    EBMM Silo Special (Blue Dawn)
    EBMM Albert Lee SSS (Sky Blue)
    EBMM Cutlass (Vintage Turquoise)
    EBMM L3 BFR (Blueberry Burst)
    EBMM Cutlass HSS (Firemist Silver)

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    More break down, please???

    ASS MM90......AL MM90. They are very different from the hum (single) versions.

    I'll choose the ASS for the moment and wait for a new pole. I have not spent enough time (maybe 5 minutes) with a 25th to really get a feel for it yet. Same story for a gold roller.....
    7/29/04 EBMM Sub1 X11376 oil/wax neck, gloss black body, faux binding, HSS w/5 way and silent circuit
    keep in mind that you are talking about four pieces of wood two pots one switch a trem along with springs two pickups and some wire.....BP

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    Great idea and interested to see the results\
    BFR Albert Tremelo,BFR Albert Hardtail, Axis Super Sport with Trem
    Campbell American Uk1 (3)Total.Campbell American Preix, Campbell American Transitone 001 first prototype signed by
    Gibson 61 re-issue SG 76 les paul pro,Gibson Flying V, and Too many Strats to mention

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    20th Silo and Silo Special of course for me. I like all of them, but these two are brilliant...until I get a BFR Silo Special one of these days .
    -2010 EBMM SM-Y2D

    Blackstar HT-20 Head
    Mesa Boogie 3/4 1x12

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roubster View Post
    20th Silo and Silo Special of course for me.
    +1 Glad to see the Silhoutte Special has a strong response thus far. An awesome guitar.
    2008 LE Silhouette Special SSS
    20th Silhoutte w/Piezo

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    I'm not sure.
    Give me some time to think about it
    "If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the, quality, workmanship, playability, tone or even color of your new, and or used, Albert Lee Model. Send it to me, and I will keep it."
    Albert Lee - Gremlin Greene

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    25th and JP7 BFR.

    I really don't have enough input to base my opinion on, though. There are quite a few EBMM guitars I've never played. Most prevalently, the AL. I've never even SEEN one in person, much less had my hands on one.

    Sure would like to, though.
    BFR JP7 - Amethyst Burst - 5/29/08
    JP7 - Stealth - 3/22/10
    Reflex Game Changer HSHP - 4/9/12
    Axe-Fx II, QSC K12 (x2)

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    1. Almighty Axis
    2. Sweet Silo Special

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    Axis hardtail isn't listed, so I couldn't vote.

    Axis Hardtail TransPurple #89749 (3/28/97)
    Reflex Classic White #G71108 (7/14/14)
    StarryNight #G79870 (12/14/16)

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    I chose:

    - Axis

    - Axis SS

    - Luke

    - BRF Luke

    - JP6

    - BFR JP6
    "Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen"

    Lefty Axis Super Sport---Natural Quilt
    Lefty Axis Super Sport---Cabernet Pearl / Hard Tail
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    I'm confused. Someone makes a sports car named Steamer? Are they based in Cleveland?

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    JP6 by far for me. I've played a Luke (LH) and the JP just feels perfect.
    Proud owner of a LH MM JP
    Thanks Pete, Sterling, Slingy and everybody who made this dream possible
    My band

    I bought my ball from the man, Pete. Check him out at

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