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Thread: New Guitar(s) Day!

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    New Guitar(s) Day!

    My friend Jeff's son, Kevin, is just one hell of a nice kid.

    You know teenagers, right? Sure you do. Well, he's not like those other teenagers. He's smart, he's bright, he's nice, he has manners - and he took up the guitar a while back.

    I guess we've been talking for two years now about what he wants when it came time to get "something good". Being seventeen, he was on a budget, and the budget was named "Dad". Heh. So I wanted to help him get something decent for his first "real" guitar but had to keep in mind that my pal Jeff was footing the bill. (Gladly footing the bill, I should add.)

    I had him checking out the FS thread here and got a couple of really nice offers from forumites. God bless you guys.

    And then - bing! The light came on. Sterling by Music Man! After reading what was being said here by people I trusted and after playing a couple of the basses, I pretty much figured we had a winner of an idea.

    And Pat Park, let me tell you in case you don't already know, and I suspect you do, is one hell of a nice guy. Pat, I've told you this already, but it deserves publicity: thank you for making a deserving young man extremely happy.

    So Kevin was looking at the Axis and the Silo and was prepared (read: Dad was prepared) to spend maybe a thousand on a guitar.

    With the SBMM line, he got TWO guitars, the Silo and the JP.

    Not to mention two shirts!

    He was absolutely stoked. And bummed a little because his mom already told him he had to come right back home and do his homework. And he's the kind of kid who will do that, too.

    Thanks, as always, to Big Poppa, without whom none of this would be possible, and thanks again to Pat for making truly great guitars for the money.


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    great story! Thanks Pat too
    Jack Did you get a chance to paly them...they are really good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    great story! Thanks Pat too
    Jack Did you get a chance to paly them...they are really good
    I did. And they are. I'm no guitar player by anyone's definition, just barely a bass player, but these were fabulous. I was seriously impressed by the SBMM basses Rex and I were fooling around with at the Hollywood GC, too.


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    Another great story about a kid who deserves it. Well done!
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    What a great story. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a veteran "knucklehead" to me !

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    Great story indeed

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    Cool story.

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    He looks like one happy camper. Super story too.

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    Another heartfelt story. Its nice to hear about it as it really shows just how much of a “family” we all are here on this forum.

    He should love the SBMM guitar... I’m over the shock at just how well made these guitars are.

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    Awesome, it's very heartwarming to see great kids get great guitars. Being 15 myself, I know the awesome feeling of getting my first nice guitar, so it's great to see other father's and mother's doing the same for their kids.

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    Good things happen to good people!

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    Thanks for sharing, Jack. I'm loving these threads lately. I'm a firm believer in rewarding hard work and this is just reinforcing the value in that.

    I haven't had the chance to play the Silo20 or JP50, but I have played the AX40, and that was one smokin' guitar. It felt like an Axis to me (and I'm betting that's the idea). Top notch stuff in the Sterling line of instruments.
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    What a way to start off, that's awesome!
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Great story Jack- that is fantastic.

    They really are well done. I was playing an AX 40 at Pete's ... played exceptionally well and felt great. All the ones I've tried have been excellent.

    Damn kids have it good these days.

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