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Thread: Noob with Axis questions

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    Noob with Axis questions

    Finally got one ... wanted one of these seemingly forever (since the EVH models first showed up in the early 90s actually) and the one that spoke to me in the finish that melted me at a price I could afford finally showed up. Pics at the end of the post

    Being I'm the noob ... first, thanks for having me. Spent a little time here the past week, and this is a great forum you have here.

    * This is the first Floyded guitar I've had that came with the bridge not floating from the factory. I'm sure I can float it fine and get a nice setup (been working on my own guitars for 20 years) but I wanna hear from the guys who tried floating it and what it did to the tone of the guitar, or if it screwed up the action and playability and resonance and tone yada yada yada. I don't like the butt'ed-up-against-the-body but I wanna hear from the guys who've tried butt'ed and float'ed and their take on things. The butt'ed bridge feels funny but the guitar's tone is so nice like it is I'm kinda thinking to keep it like it is. And I NEVER shim a neck joint for the sake of action, pet peeve of mine.

    * Anyone have the MM specs for Axis pickup height in relation to the strings? Mine sounds great (I mean REALLY great) but the neck pickup seems buried in the guitar compared to my other guitars. Just wanted to see if mine's off the mark or not (bought it used and no manual in case btw).

    * Is the "don't take all the strings off during a string change" in the FAQs a "must-heed" recommendation? I usually do when I re-string other guitars. This neck has some girth to it which leads me to believe it's pretty stable but the oil/wax thing is somewhat new to me (haven't had a San Dimas Charvel in over 10 years) and I wanna hear from the tribal elders here.

    Lastly, here's a few shots with my lackluster point-and-shoot. I'm pretty sure it's a honeyburst shot a little darker on the edges. All I know is it has to be seen to believed and the photos don't do it justice. The other thing I like is the top is not over-the-top and it can't decide if it's a flame or a quilt at times. It will look eh, lackluster, at an angle and you tilt it and SPROING!! there's the top!!

    Thanks in advance, fellas ... here she is. Bet you guys are gonna pick out the one mod I did to it five minutes after she got home

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    Beautiful guitar! I've never seen an Axis with so much natural grain on the top.

    Those are all great questions! I just ordered a used Axis from GC last night. I've never owned a Floyd Rose so I echo most of these questions.

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    That looks to me like a honey burst....and for sure a quilt.

    Beautiful axe..congrats!
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    First.. welcome to the Addiction. Next, that is a killer axe and congrats.
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    Hey jeff, first things first... Welcome to the forum... Thats one beautiful ax you have put some strap locks on? I know a bit about vanhalens and i would advise leaving it like it is. There is some advantages to your trem as you know tuning and the most imporant tone. I think raising the trem there might be a slight difference in the the tone...give it a chance before you make any major changes... You might get to like it the way it is.... Agin welcome!

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    You got yourself a hot one! Congrats and enjoy!
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    you changed the volume for the tone!!
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    Very nice!

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    1st of all, nice guitar you picked up!! Cool wood grain there.

    2nd I have altered my Axis and posted pics of the router job in a previous post of mine. I love the floating Floyd, but have only done this to one of my Axis guitars. Routering was nice, since the action was never touched.

    I played a Kr@mer Baretta since 1986, so I got used to the tricks I could do with the floating system.

    BUT, you cannot use a D-Tuna with floating system and get perfect tone each time. So, that being said, the current non-floating Axis has tons of advantages. I will not alter any future Axis guitars as a result. One and done.

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    Thanks for the replies and yep, she's a beauty!

    I saw the reference to routing to make the trem float with my morning coffee and went "wha?" so this afternoon I started taking a closer look at the guitar and I'm seeing why I should just leave well enough alone unless I wanna do major surgery ...

    Pickups appear to be screwed down (without any tension springs) into a cavity cut to a precise height so they are locked down where they need to be.

    Same with them trem in relation to the neck pitch. If I want to float it and not rout, I gotta shim the neck (which I already said I don't do - my preference is no airspace in the pocket) or re-cut the neck pocket to a different angle -- don't worry, ain't gonna happen

    I'm leaving well enough alone. Sounds, plays and looks too good to mess with it.

    Thanks again for the replies and the warm welcome.

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    Welcome to the family. I luv your Axis! Looks like fire.
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    * Is the "don't take all the strings off during a string change" in the FAQs a "must-heed" recommendation?
    It'll be fine if you do that. Just be sure to block the Floyd so that you don't have a springs-flying-bridge-falling-out-disaster. It's kind of a pain to get it all back together if that happens...

    sweeet guitar!

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    Sweet Axis!! Love that color...

    yeah, I second the make sure you block the trem comment. been there, done that and I never want to put that thing back together again. I always just change 1 string at a time unless I am doing something major to the guitar.
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    Great AXIS!!!
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    Great Axis - I too would say leave it like it is. Really looks like flame maple top to me.

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