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Thread: Protoype Value

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    Man, you guys that own these are really lucky. I'd love to have one. The prices they have gone for seem very reasonable for something as collectible as they are. Maybe one day one of you guys will decide to sell. I'll just sit here and wait........

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    Bongo! That's an awesome username ... how was that not taken before???

    As Big Poppa mentioned, there are a few of those 50 that have found their way to members here. I've got #23. I've seen half a dozen move in the last year or two.

    Value somewhat depends on the physical condition it's in. They're usually in the $1800-ish range though, give or take. I've seen them go lower and higher, but I think that's a reasonable market value if it's in good shape.

    It's an awesome guitar. The neck is slightly different than the new ones in that it's finished (it predated the oil & wax they use now). But there's just something about those ones- they're amazing players. I think if you can get it a reasonable price then totally go for it.

    Here's a fun photo ... it's Tommy (tommyindelaware), Steve, me and Pete Dubaldo with our 5 of the first 50 (Steve's being #1). He played them all that day and remarked how similar they all were to his.

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    In case anybody comes across this thread and has one they could be talked out of...

    Kestrou at nexlan dot com so it can live with its brothers!

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    I would say it is valued between $2-3 million, but that's just a guess.
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