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Thread: Quick demo with my AL

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    Quick demo with my AL**UPDATE ADDED ALMM90 DEMO**

    Hope it is alright to post this but I just love my AL and the way it "screams" through my Electra Dyne. Wife was filming with her new toy and all my kids (3 of them....) were in the room!

    [ame=""]YouTube- Mesa Boogie ElectraDyne/MusicMan Albert Lee[/ame]

    Just added the demo below

    [ame=""]YouTube- Albert Lee MM90/Mesa Electradyne[/ame]
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    Sweet Sweet Sweet ...Im lovin the color and the guard ...they were meant for eachother...and thats a great tone u got as well...Ive been gassing for a Lonestar
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    Very Very nice...I dont use a pick either!
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    Phenomenal right hand! Thanks for sharing, very enjoyable to see forum member demos on the forum.
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    Very nice playing, would like to hear more. The electrodyne and Al is a nice combination. PS: fingers FTW!
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    AL alert!
    My name is Rob and I'm an AL-coholic!
    The MM90 AL is the most underrated axe on the planet!

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    Custard Pie!

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    "because picks suuuck" I loled, picks do suck...even for metal(thats going to be the new "this top sucks") great great playing man, Orange Firemist is such a beast

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    Great playing for sure...and great tone...and that AL of yours looks absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing.
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    All Hail the mighty AL!

    That's some good playing, - and I love the colour of that AL!
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    I LOVE IT!

    "Because picks....suck!"

    Good looking amp. Sounds great, too!
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    great guitar and it was great to hear the kids in the background too
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    great tone...great rig...thanks for the demo!

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    Excellent chicken picken.

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    Cool demo

    ALZ Rule!!
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