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Thread: Solid Gold Albert Lee Guitar.

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    Solid Gold Albert Lee Guitar.

    Well not quite!!
    It's a bit of a story but stick with me!!

    My mate has his own jewellery business and when he first saw my LEAL he said that the trem arm would look great with a solid gold knob (instead of the black plastic one). I chipped in by saying that if the trem knob was going to be gold then the pick up selector switch should also be gold.

    Anyway about 2 years ago my work colleagues, aunts, mothers and me, brought in their scrap gold (this was before the present day propensity for everybody and their auntie's dog advertising to buy your scrap gold for cash -thank god!).

    Anyway I end up with just about an ounce of gold which my mate melts down and casts the two knobs. I said "Yeah don't worry - I'll machine the gold and tap the trem knob" thinking -GOLD - that will be so easy to drill,tap - it ended up being sooooooooooo difficult and required a drill bit to be ground to such an acute angle - also saliva for coolant is very good!!

    I managed to machine the knob the other week and last night finished the pickup switch. Why? well I never intended to go out of my way to do this, but things just fell into place. Extravagant? - of course?

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    Hey Spud that's real dedication to something once you put your mind to it! Looks cracking!

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    Spud, thats awesome, love the way it looks, too cool Now get some gold speed knobs for it.

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    looks really cool. plus its an extra selling point if u ever have to let it go.
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    Nice one Spud!!

    It looks like an episode of 'Pimp my axe'!!
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    Spud you rule!
    My name is Rob and I'm an AL-coholic!
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    Ernie Ball Strings

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    Nice and that guitar are both one of a kind!

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    How righteous.

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    The knobs look great Spud! That's what I call dedication.
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    With all that gold, perhaps a gift for Lady Spudmurphy should have been more appropriate ???
    If I do that, I am sure my wife kills me !

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    Thats sooooo sweet spud!!!!
    Next, pickguard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fbecir View Post
    With all that gold, perhaps a gift for Lady Spudmurphy should have been more appropriate ???
    If I do that, I am sure my wife kills me !
    I'm lucky insofar as Lady Spud doesn't wear yellow gold.

    She likes silver
    She loves white gold
    She really loves platinum

    Maybe I oghta make some silver ones for my BCB Albert?

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    well that's something new and cool

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