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Thread: Message From John Petrucci re JPX

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    Message From John Petrucci re JPX

    I received this email today....

    Can you post this for me?

    Wow! I can't believe I'm celebrating 10 years with Music Man already!
    I'm so excited to introduce the JPX this year. It's the next incarnation in the gradual progression of my signature guitar.
    One of the amazing things about working with Sterling and the boys over at Music Man is having the freedom to be able to introduce changes to my instrument that coincide with the evolution of my musical style and creative voice.
    Being able to interpret and realize my requests is certainly a talent possessed by all at MM. It's definitely an ongoing process. In fact, we never actually intended on making the JPX, it sort of happened accidentally. After playing the 25th anniversary model, I wondered what my guitar would sound like if it too were chambered and how it would feel if the body were also a bit bigger. Same goes with the 5 way switch. Then, I've often wondered what the BFR would look like if it were made to look more symmetrical with the horns of equal leanness and the hips without the offset. I immediately fell in love with Drew's drawings. Also, well over a year ago when Dudley and I spoke about a stealth version of my original JP model with all black hardware and pick ups, once again I was salivating. The larger frets were basically a result of me always wondering how they would feel on this model. The ebony fretboard and opaque finish came from playing the Dargie. Although I absolutely cherish all of my beautiful and unique transparent maple burst BFRs, I was sent an awesome black sparkle that looked amazing under the stage lights. Finally I asked for a little purple in the sparkle and the borolo color was born. So the guitar naturally evolved based partly on curiosity and experimentation, and partially on the implementation of new and successful ideas and technological advancements. It wasn't until Sterling and I were reminiscing about our 10 year mark and him saying, "You know what? Let's make this latest version your tenth anniversary model" that the JPX was born!
    So that's the story. I absolutely love the way the JPX came out. It looks lean, mean and ready for battle, it sounds tremendous and plays like a dream.
    I've said it before, but I consider myself blessed to be working with such a brilliant group of individuals at the best guitar company on the planet!
    Can't wait 'till you have a chance to try it and hope you'll enjoy it as much as I am.
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    Nice, from the man himself, nothing more to say, look forward to checking one out

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    Very cool JP & BP -- Thanks for posting that!

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    Thumbs up

    Wow. Incredible.

    Can you imagine any other manufacturer forum with this level of inside detail on a new model?

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    im sooooo sad I cant get this guitar, fingers still crossed on the reflex, I NEED a chambered MM
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    Great words from a very happy guy. Its very nice of him that he wanted to share with us the journey of the process. Thanks BP & JP.

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    That is way cool!
    "this place would be a paradise tomorrow, if every department had a supervisor with a sub-machine gun"

    Monkey Likey

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHWelles View Post
    Wow. Incredible.

    Can you imagine any other manufacturer forum with this level of inside detail on a new model?
    +1 on that!

    It's really unique that we get so much inside information, much appreciated!
    Thanks for posting BP and to John for taking the time to let us in on his thoughts about the JPX.
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    That's awesome, thanks BP! That note from JP should come with every JPX. Any thoughts on a special JPX G&G case?

    Thanks again,

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    Thanks for posting BP! And thanks of course to JP, Drew, and the rest of the crew for such a cool instrument.

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    Thanks JP and BP! Always great to learn about how a design came about. Congrats on the JPX!

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    Wow thats awesome stuff right there!!!....I love this place!!!
    Lonney B

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    Way too cool.

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    "Sent from my BlackBerry"...I bet John can text faster than any other human on that thing, he probably typed the whole thing in one second flat!

    John asking to have that posted here, that's just too cool.

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    nice. its pretty sweet to hear how a near guitar came about organically.

    cant wait to try one out now!

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