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Thread: On the lookout! Stolen Guitar!!!

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    On the lookout! Stolen Guitar!!!

    Hi Guys,

    We recently had a guitar stolen that was given away as a prize at a Coachella Festival Event. The winner of the guitars car was broken into while parked at this past weekends Coachella Festival(along with a few hundred dollars in gift cards, a purse, ipod and few other items) A police report has been filed but I also wanted to post here so that you guys can help us be on the lookout. Here is the info:

    Bahama Blueburst Axis
    Serial #G42325

    Thanks Guys!!

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    Grrrrr ... I hate thieves. Will keep an eye out for sure.

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    Saame here will keep you posted if this serial shows up on evil bay
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    That sucks. I hope he somehow gets it back. A certain pair of balls need to be removed. Damn thieves.

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    man that sucks, thieves suck, will keep an eye out for it.

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    Bad news, hope the thieves will die.

    p.s.: what was in the purse?

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    Again?! Didn't this happen last year too, kinda? With that Axis or Silhouette?

    Thieves are the scum of the Earth.
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    I was offered a "New" Axis PBB at a great price last week. Not sure if it could be the same one. PM me and Ill give you the Info .....................
    Please Visit & Like ............

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    As someone that has had more than one guitar stolen, this is one area the Saudis have it right. You steal, you get your hands cut off!

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    I guess it won't be showing up in Spain, and commiserations to the ex-owner, but maybe this would be a good time to remind everyone NEVER to leave anything important in an unattended car.

    If I had been intelligent enough to know that in '88 I'd still be the owner of a Martin J40!!!

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    After a gig, we loaded our P.A. equipment into the back of the singer's car. It took us about 10 minutes total to load everyting. It was about 1:45am, and we walked back in to get paid. We were literally inside for about 5 minutes. We came back outside to find that every bit of the equipment was gone!

    We went back inside, and told the owner what had happened. The bouncer took off running out the door! We didn't know what was going on. About 15 minutes later, the bouncer and the Police came walking in.

    Come to find out, the bouncer took off looking around the area for the theives. He found them two blocks away at a gas station, loading the equipment from a small car, into a van. He commenced to throwing an arm-bar on one of them while fighting off the other guy. The cops saw this going down on the way to the bar, and stopped to break up the fight. One guy took off, and the other was arrested on the spot.

    Anyway, we ended up getting all of our equipment back that night. The guy that was arrested, of course, claimed that he had no knowledge that the equipment was stolen, and was only helping his friend move "his" equipment.

    Don't know what ever happened to that guy. I guess the lesson I learned from that is NEVER EVER leave your equipment un-attended. The car was locked, and literally parked 5 feet from the front door of the bar for 5 minutes.

    Whoever stole it better not try to sell it on Ebay or CL, because he has no idea of how tight knit a community we have.

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    I don't even leave loose change in the car!!

    Scum - it makes me feel sick hearing about things like this !!!

    hope things work out and possessions are recovered.

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    I hate thieves.
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    thanks guys, appreciate you all looking out. This was taken this last friday so unfortunately the one on ebay is a different guitar. I have a feeling it was a local person and will probably turn up at a pawn shop or music store in the area.

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    Because of this forum I was able to recover a SiLO that was stolen 2 years later.
    Keep the faith

    Bahama Blue Burst Axis

    Got it.
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