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Thread: IMPORTANT: My Ernie Ball serial number is

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    IMPORTANT: My Ernie Ball serial number is

    My EBMM serial number is G17933. Would like to know the DOB...
    Thank You so much,
    Paul Mills
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    Hello Paul & welcome to the forum.
    You'll probably get a rapid dating of your guitar on Monday from Customer Services, but if not, post your request in this thread

    I appreciate the initial post recommends you to start a new thread, but over the years this has become the place to post dating requests.

    We'd all like to see photos of your EBMM guitar....stick around and show it to us

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    pics of my EBMM

    sorry about that...I'm a newbie on here...

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    Welcome Paul.

    Pics that we can actually see would be better.

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    what model guitar is it? looks like a luke or a silo spec......

    but I'm a monkey, what do i know....

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    what type guitar

    It's a Luke...out of the 150 plus guitars I've owned in my life---including custom shops, it's the best!

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by jamminjim View Post
    what model guitar is it? looks like a luke or a silo spec......

    but I'm a monkey, what do i know....
    You are a monkey Jim and don't you forget it!

    Welcome aboard Paul! Nice Blue Dawn Luke you've got there BTW.


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    Thanks Man...

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    Hey Paul!!! Nice to see you here. We actually 'met' a long time ago on MySpace (I'm "Playin' With Myself"). I commented on your BD Luke back then. Are you still playing with Faux Collins in Vegas? How's Rhonda? Congrats by the way!

    Feel free to stick around - the 'knuckleheads' are a great bunch!

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    2005 Sapphire Black JP6 (Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock)

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    met awhile ago on myspace

    Hey Man...good to see you on here...I'll tell Rhonda hello for ya also.
    I moved from Vegas to Nashville, TN about a year ago...The "Faux Collins" thing is not together anymore..but occasionally, the singer and I will get together and do a "2 man" show with backing tracks minus lead vocals and guitar...not the same as the full blown 10 pc. band, but it pays well and is good for the occasional gig...
    keep in touch...

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