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Thread: Who has a rarity they'd like to show off?

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    I dont have this any more.D.K. now has it over in Germany. It was one of forty,twenty came to the U.K.1990 ash 6 bolt.It was a bit rarer when I slightly modded it.

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    JP6 Mystic Dream
    JP6 DD2
    JP6 BFR Walnut
    JP6 White Sparkle
    JP6 BFR Cherry Burst
    JP6 Olive Gold
    JP6 Blue Dawn
    JP13 Cardinal Red Sparkle
    JP6 Stealth White
    JP6 Gold Sparkle
    JP6 Starry Night
    JP6 Autumn Red
    Luke III Buttercream

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    When I picked this one up I was told that there were only 4 made.

    BP, how about posting some of your favourite rare models?
    2009: JP6 w/BFR Rosewood Neck - Ice Blue
    2010: Silhouette HSH w/Matching Neck - Black
    2010: Ernie Ball WAH - Black/Green and smooth like silk
    2011: Sterling H w/Matching Neck - Black

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHill View Post
    When I picked this one up I was told that there were only 4 made.

    BP, how about posting some of your favourite rare models?
    Oooooo, those necks never fail to look great.

    I was just flicking through some of Pete's "solds" and stopped to stare at this one:

    Also +1 on the BP pics!!
    2008 JP7 Fully Loaded Lava Pearl
    2008 JP6 BFR Amethyst Flame

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    Hey guys, long time no post!

    I'll play:

    Island Burst Spalted Maple BFR (Many thanks to Frank (Francric))

    California Sunset Japanese Ash BFR

    Vintage Sunburst Flamed Maple BFR

    California Walnut BFR

    Black Fire Prototype

    My EBMM Petrucci collection:

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    hey ern, nice 2 c ya. always the homerun hitter :P
    Quote Originally Posted by robelinda2 View Post
    Life sucks when you have to play metal on a JP.
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    This is normal..noting to cause for alarm. You are a perfect guitarist.
    BP on BKrumme's recurring waiting for the UPS guy

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    Wow this is a totally great thread and I know some guys are holding back as I have seen more wickedness than has been displayed already before here on the Ern the Spalted and Walnut finishes are plain sick. I know everyone is waiting for Sterling to give us a little slide show. How about it BP, or are you going to keep us in suspense for awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by big poppa View Post
    i might have a few......
    Music Man SUB1 | Black (custom)
    Music Man Silo Special | Emerald Green (rosewood neck)
    Music Man Silo Special | Graphite Pearl
    Music Man Silo Special/Luke | Black (custom)
    Music Man Silo Special | Purple Metallic (custom)
    Music Man Axis Sport | Trans Red (custom)

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    that is bad-ass !!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lou View Post
    tommy in delaware
    (renegade redneck hillbilly geetar player )
    life 's what happens while your busy makin plans

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    Im not near any of them now
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    I think these must be quite rare.

    09 Steve Morse Dargie Delight 2
    03 Sub Bass 4 String Active Black W/Diamond Plate PG
    05 Sub HH Graphite W/Black PG Hardtail

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    A 25th with a flame top and neck should be pretty rare…

    What about a Luke with BFR RW Neck and a huge birdseye?

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    Not exactly a "one off" but the hardtail EVH is one of 200 and there can't be many 06 LEAL's with MM90 and Trem

    oh yeah and the LEAL has solid gold knobs !!!

    Black Cherry Burst Albert Lee , SSS,Trem & Piezo 2005
    Black LE Albert Lee MM90,Trem 2006 with solid 9k gold knobs;Mesa F50 Combo; Original (owned from new)Marshall 25/50 Silver Jubilee signed by Jim;AER 60 ;WEM Clubman 5W;Musicman RP 65 112;Musicman RD 50 112:

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    The solid gold knobs are just the classiest touch ever. And possibly the only ones of their kind in the world, on any guitar!
    Silhouette Special (2005 Buttercream Limited Edition)
    Cutlass HSS (2018 Roasted Special, Ivory White)

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    Thumbs up

    Captain 'GWdavis28' Sparkle wins this hands down. His collection needs to be in the Smithsonian. I am still shaking my head at those works of art. pure genius.
    05' LE Albert

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