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Thread: Who has a rarity they'd like to show off?

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    Maybe not unique, but you don't see many:

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    Left-handed Dargie II with BFR 7 body, but standard maple neck. I don't own it but it's still available. Accidental one off according to the dealer.

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    20th Silhouette Hardtail Piezo (1 of 13) - and it's friend :

    2 x NAMM Show Pieces, as signed by JP :

    (and played by BP ) :

    Silver Sparkle JP6 :

    NOS EVH :

    1st run BFR JP6 - with MHS ! (not sure how many went out before the MHS option was discontinued ) :

    Music Man 410-HD 130W :

    Oh, and a DDII BFR JP6 and White Pearl BFR Luke w/ Rosewood neck, but I haven't taken any pics of them.
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    EBMM's :
    2010 BFR JP6 - Bahama Blue (#4 of 50)
    2009 BFR JP6 - Dargie II
    2009 BFR JP6 - Cherry Burst (NAMM)
    2009 JP6 - Dargie II (NAMM)
    2009 BFR Rosewood Luke - White Pearl
    2007 BFR JP6 - Bahama Blue Burst (MHS)
    2007 20th Ann. Silhouette - Prem Quilt / Piezo / Hardtail
    2007 20th Ann. Silhouette - Prem Quilt / Hardtail
    2004 Silhouette Hardtail - White / Rosewood
    2002 JP6 - Silver Sparkle
    1995 EVH - Trans Blue Quilt (NOS)

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    I have 2, an Axis Sport in Glacier Blue which was a NAMM show guitar, and an HH AL with a rosewood neck and a custom finish. I love 'em...


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    this is mine!!!!

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    Here are two of mine...

    Dargie II Albert Lee SSS (trem cover signed by Albert for extra mojo, thanks again Spud !), certainly not a one-off but quite rare...

    MM90 Albert Lee BFR rosewood neck, honeyburst with tort pg...most likely a one-off and breathtakingly beautiful IMO...

    Albert Lee BFR Pinkburst 07/16/09
    Albert Lee SSS Trans Gold 06/09/04
    Albert Lee Dargie Delight II 10/30/09
    Albert Lee MM90 White Pearl 08/10/08
    Steve Morse Y2D Purple Sunset 02/18/08
    25th Anniversary 04/01/09
    Axis Sport HSS Trans Gold 03/11/98

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    Not a rarity, but not that common, 1996 Purple Pearl Silhouette Special (first owner):

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    Group shot with everything to make it easier than posting several pictures.
    There are one or two rare ones in here...

    1) Autumn Redrise w/ BFR rosewood neck, Air Norton, Steve's Special (now back to original pickups)
    2) Blue Dawn JP6, one of first 100 and hand signed by JP in 2001 - my first EB!
    3) 20th Anny Silo hardtail w/ piezo, ok ok 1 of 13 like others have said before
    4) Silhouette Gold Roller - for sale
    5) Y2D w/ Floyd, premium quilt, possibly the first trem y2d to hit the streets
    6) Blue Dawn Axis Sport w/ trem & black headstock, rosewood fretboard '02 model
    7) Blue Dawn Albert Lee factory one-off w/ HSS pickups '01 model
    8) Dargie Delight LUKE w/ piezo & Fernandes Sustainer
    9) Molten Gemstone JP7 (was refinished in this color after UPS smashed it)
    10) Dargie Delight JP6 w/ piezo
    11) Steve Morse #4/50
    12) BFR Albert Lee, killer flame top
    13) Dargie 2 Gold Roller w/ absurd flame neck
    14) Blue Dawn 2007 Silhouette Bass Guitar
    15) 25th Anniversary EBMM (not shown)
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    ^ Reminds me of those elementary school class pics!
    Nice Pete

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    fun thread, some really beautiful guitars... here are my entries:

    93 AXIS/AL prototype w/ floating trem
    97 AL pearl red w/ rosewood fretboard, luke neck profile-the flame and birdseye on the neck are amazing, and silent circuit
    97 AL pearl green (i had to do some talking/begging to get them to spray an AL green back then) rosewood fretboard and standard trem, it did come with the stock pickups, but i needed a #2 to the AXIS/AL while touring, so in went the dimarzios...
    2001 AL HH fire engine red w/ rosewood fretboard and matching headstock... way before its time... it was sent without pickups, they sent the pickguard to me so i could figure out what i wanted in there, i settled on a dimarzio megadrive and a super distortion... this one plays great, but the current AL HH models really have the mojo...
    a huge thanks to BP, Dudley and everyone else at EBMM for making such beautiful instruments!!!
    11/3/93 AL/Axis prototype white SSS Dimarzio pu's w/floating trem rosewood board
    5/22/97 AL custom pearl green SSS Dimarzio pu's w/trem rosewood board
    5/22/97 AL standard pearl red SSS Hardtail rosewood board
    5/1/01 AL custom fire engine red HH Dimarzios hardtail rosewood board
    3/17/10 AL HH w/trem coral red
    1/14/99 Axis Sport silver MM90's w/trem rosewood board

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spudmurphy View Post
    Travs is gonna have to change his pants after seeing that one Ha!
    soiled! Gremlin green is a group leader for sure. Keep em' coming guys this thread is special.
    05' LE Albert

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    2011 Trans Black Axis Tribute DOB- 8-29-2011

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    Attachment 8696

    My Black Sparkle Silo is apparently an endorsee model made just a few years back.....the neck is much shallower than a regular Silo and is so awesome to play!
    1 x MMan Luke 1

    1 x MMan Sub

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    Here are 3 of mine...I also consider my Pinkburst BFR AL rare as well seeing as they MAY have made 200 of em by my count.

    Sparkle Silver Albert Lee 1 OF 1

    Lava Pearl Luke with Piezo 1 of 2 Made in this color and Configuration

    And my 2002 Midnight Blue Sparkle Sterling Bass...again under 20 were made in this color.
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    Lonney B

    12/27/01 EB/MM "Albert Lee" SILVER SPARKLEw/Matching Headstock HARDTAIL (1 of 1)

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    Oh yah MatchBox 20 Give away

    Glenn |B)
    Silhouette Special SSS in Fuschia Sparkle (Hardtail) [1/01/2002] [1 of a kind from CLB]
    Silhouette Special HSS in Gold Sparkle (Hardtail) [7/12/2002] [Made for Matchbox 20]
    Albert Lee 3 MM90's in White Sparkle (Hardtail) [8/14/2001] [Just pure awesomeness]
    Albert Lee HH in Black Sugar (Hartail) [1/06/2011] [BFR]

    Like BP said in the Chapman video "You've got a room full of guitars, and no money!!"

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