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Thread: Happy Birthday Mr. Glenn Davis!

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    Happy Birthday Mr. Glenn Davis!

    Hope you have an awesome one!
    "If you bend a string and you don't make a face; it's like eating food without tasting it." - Paul Gilbert

    black sugar Albert Lee SSS - piezo
    25th Anniversary
    Dargie Delight 1 Silhouette HSH

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    Happy birthday, Glenn!
    JP6 Pearl Redburst; 20th Anniversary Silhouette; Silhouette Special Las Vegas Gold; 2007 LE Bongo 4H; BFR JP6 Trans Ruby; AL MM90 Pacific Blue Burst; 2006 LE AL; 25th Anniversary Guitar Quilt, Maple Fretboard, Hardtail; 25th Anniversary Guitar Quilt, Rosewood Fretboard, Tremolo; DD2 BFR JP6; DD2 BFR GR; AL HH Black; Luke with Piezo, Black Sugar Roasted Maple; Steve Morse Y2D Darklord; Steve Morse Y2D, 2012 PDN; Armada, Black/Gold; Silhouette Special, Vintage Burst; JP13, 7-String

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    Glenn you're a great guy
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    Happy birthday Glenn, hope you have a great one!
    Albert Lee BFR Pinkburst 07/16/09
    Albert Lee SSS Trans Gold 06/09/04
    Albert Lee Dargie Delight II 10/30/09
    Albert Lee MM90 White Pearl 08/10/08
    Steve Morse Y2D Purple Sunset 02/18/08
    25th Anniversary 04/01/09
    Axis Sport HSS Trans Gold 03/11/98

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    Happy Birthday Glenn,

    Many happy returns.
    86934 - This EVH was completed on August 29th, 1995. Trans Red.
    G50887 - This Albert Lee HH was completed on August 13th, 2010. 1 off- Lake Placid Blue
    N00363 - This Armada was completed on September 27th, 2013. Mint Green
    G47271 - This 25th Anniversary HH was completed on April 27th, 2009. Venetian Redburst

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    Happy Birthday!!

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    Happy Birthday my friend. Hope you have yourself a wonderful day!

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    Yeah.....happy b-day, knucklehead brother
    Music Man SUB1 | Black (custom)
    Music Man SUB1 | Atomic Glass Blue (custom, wrapped)
    Music Man Silo Special | Evergreen Pearl (rosewood neck)
    Music Man Silo Special/Luke | Black (custom)
    Music Man Silo Special | Purple Metallic (custom)
    Music Man Axis Sport | Trans Red (custom)

    ...when EVH was asked by Johnny Carson, what it would be like, to be the greatest guitar player on earth, he replied: "I don't know...go, ask Steve Lukather!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by e.mate View Post
    Yeah.....happy b-day, knucklehead brother

    happy b day mister

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    Captain Sparkle??

    Have a sparkly, shiny birthday You!!

    2009 25th Anniversary BFR All Rosewood Neck #24/25
    2002 Silo Spec SSS Autumn Redburst
    2007 Silo Spec HSS LE 07 Blue Dawn
    2005 SM Y2D Purple Sunset
    2007 AL SSS Cherry Burst
    Mesa/Boogie Studio Caliber
    Mesa/Boogie Mark V25

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    Hope it's a nice one bud. Enjoy!
    Play Ball!!

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    Have a great day Glenn!
    Two requests, please
    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
    Please don't PM me

    Please dont add me as a friend on life is an open book here as it is.

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    Happy birthday Glenn! How was movie night?

    2016 PDN Starry Night Cutlass (Natural Headstock)
    2010 Barolo JPX (Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock)
    2007 Bahama Blue Sparkle Back BFR Luke (GC Exclusive)
    2007 Blue Dawn LE JP6 (Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock)
    2006 Dargie Delight I Luke (No Piezo, Natural Headstock)
    2005 Sapphire Black JP6 (Piezo, Inlays, Matching Headstock)

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    Very Happy Birthday!

    How about them Lakers!

    Hope all is well...BTW I miss your cool Calvin avatar

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    Happy B-Day Glenn!


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