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Thread: Roasted Maple Necks!

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    Roasted Maple Necks!

    The Roasted Neck option will be available to order during the month of August. Please contact your Music Man dealer for ordering information. Click on the flyer to see additional pictures!
    "Scott Moreno"

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    Oh yes!

    Been waiting for the roasted!
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    Mmmm... That's all sorts of delicious.

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    Wow, that neck is a beaut... sort of furniture that belongs in a stately home. Send the Queen a brochure. haha

    Magnificent... congrats to MM on the wonderful craftmanship


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    That's amazing! Thanks for the heads up. One more to consider... haha
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    Wow ... really nice.

    Dargin ... so there's no oil/wax on these necks ("chemical treatments")?

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    And there you have it!
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    Yeah baby yeah! I just want to take a bite out of that neck.

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    me want one Reflex? AL HH ? Luke ?

    How long is the ordering Window ? Do you have other pictures to show us Dargin?
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    Hey Beej,
    I think I can help answer your question for Scott. I'm one of the engineers who did some of the testing for these necks. The mention of no need for "chemical treatments" is in comparison to other popular wood treatments which make woods more resistant to warping. For instance, there are a variety of chemical treatments used on deck woods or fence posts to make them more resistant to the moisture changes. In this case, the thermal treatment of the wood creates a neck material which is more resistant to environmental changes without needing to use a harsh chemicals.


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    Oh my...absolutely fabulous!
    I was hoping for the roasted necks to see the light of day.
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    Very cool......any word on other guitars getting this option?

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    ^^ See the bottom of the flyer...available on all models except FR and Classic series.


    Is the ebony fretboard compulsory, or can you have a straight maple neck?

    Is the black sugar finish also compulsory? Sorry for the dumb questions...
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    The package only comes with an ebony fretboard.
    "Scott Moreno"

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