I think it's high time to take care of my Silo's maple neck and fretboard and give it some annual (or so) treatment. I haven't done it so far.

The question is: should I be aware of anything special before proceeding with the whole thing? Do you have anything to add? Suggestions are welcome! Here is what I'm planning to do:

1/ Remove the strings (all of them, I use 10's)
2/ Clean the fretboard (maple) with wonder wipes fretboard conditioner and wipe the excess with paper towel after a couple of minutes. I think I'll string the guitar now with a new set
3/ Clean the back of the neck with wonder wipes as well - it's the same maple, isn't it? Wipe the excess carefully, let it dry
4/ Now, apply a bit of Birchwood-Casey Tru-Oil on the neck (as recommended in the faq), leave it for some time, and wipe the excess, let it dry
5/ Apply some Birchwood-Casey Gunstock Wax, same way
6/ Finished!

Thanks in advance!