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Thread: I need some help!

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    I need some help!


    Im about to buy a musicman guitar and I cant make up my mind on each model I should get. At this point, I narrow my options down to two: JP6X 10th anniversary and regular JP6 BFR. Im really lost! Can anyone help me on that matter? Are the differences between both of them only about cosmetics? Is the JPX model any better or is it the same as the regular JP6 BFR? Since they are pretty expensive guitars and I wont be able to buy another one like these any soon I want to get it right!!!Thanks,

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    Man, I don't know. IMO, picking a guitar for another player is like selecting a wife for a stranger. The differences in the models are laid out pretty well oon the main site. Beyond that, we don't have any idea what you may like. I mean really, you can't go wrong with either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norrin Radd View Post
    Man, I don't know. IMO, picking a guitar for another player is like selecting a wife for a stranger.
    LOL Perfect yea hard to tell you, the guitars are describred perfectly on the MM website, and I can tell you they are different, but you can not go wrong either way, my preference is the BFR but thats me and I am considering a JPX, so buy one, you will be happy

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    Unless you have specific objections to purple, a five way switch, or an ebony fretboard, I would say definately go for a JPX. Or if you HAVE to be able to see the maple top. I have never played an F1 BFR, but the chambering sounds absolutely amazing in the JPX, plus it is lighter on your wallet. The ebony fretboard is nice and smooth. Also the frets are larger, lending to a different feel. IMO the frets just change the guitar, not make it better or worse. Either way, you wont go wrong.

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    i bought myself a JPX last moth.
    I prefer this one over the BFR because the sound of the BFR is a tad to dark for me and i love the chambering of the JPX (and is more symmetrical)

    but full of sadness they freaking putted a 5 way swith on.....it ain't the slap swich i'm just to of JP

    And ofcourse the finish barollo is porn for me in the most pure form :P

    but its what you prefer yourself

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