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Thread: Silo Special maple neck: is string buzz more common?

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    Silo Special maple neck: is string buzz more common?

    Hello brothers in arms!

    I have Silo Special with a maple fretboard. I love the guitar and I really think it's the best buy for that many. The more I play it, the more I love it.


    I do have a fair amount of string buzz throughout the whole neck. I brought it to a guitar tech in the store where I bought it for a setup (in fact, for 2 or 3 times) but nothing really solved the problem. He told me that maple necks DO tend to give more string buzz than rosewood/ebony...

    I have to make few things clear though:

    1. I prefer a very low action and I do understand that that contributes to the buzz. On another hand I used to have other guitars with maple boards with low action but it never buzzed that much.

    2. I tried to raise the action - that didn't do much either.

    3. Yes, truss rod has been adjusted by the tech and also by myself - that was somewhat useful but still the string buzz is there.

    4. The buzz on the 1st string is the worst as I can here how it shortens the sustain...

    So, folks, my question is whether the buzz is something I have to live with, given the fact I have maple neck or is it something wrong with the frets?

    Thank you!!!

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    As you've rightly pointed out, there's a trade-off between low action and fret buzz.

    What does your tech say about the frets? Did he think they needed to be leveled? (Since he's spent time with the guitar.)

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    Having owned a SS with Rosewood neck & with Maple neck I would suggest that the answer to your question is "No".......I would be interested to know how the material of the fretboard could cause buzz without some other problem present.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeRaskolnikoff View Post
    He told me that maple necks DO tend to give more string buzz than rosewood/ebony...
    I am questioning your tech's qualifications because of this statement AND the fact that he's had your guitar three times and has failed to at least determine the CAUSE of the buzzing.

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    first get it setup by a professional. second remember that because it's an unfinished neck that it will be more susceptible to change in the weather. third use the truss rod to adjust if the weather has been a factor. Four, enjoy a great guitar

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    I never experienced my maple necked guitars to have more buzz that others, and i've had quite a few. Is the neck straight? Could be warped. It could benefit from a pro fret-level as suggested earlier as well. It definitely isn't the maple.
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    Just for arguments sake is your tech a local friend that you know, or does he have a business where he does this for a living.I personally would have someone else take a look at it.

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    Dear friends, thank you for your input!

    Well, the tech works at a BIG store. But the version about "maple=buzz" doesn't make make sense to me as well...

    The neck looks perfectly straight to me. Few of you guys suggested fret problems which might be a case actually... I mentioned that it buzzes throughout the whole neck, so most likely that I'm having fret issues...

    Basically I was just curious if your EBMMs with maple boards have the same issue... But it seems like what I have is just the problem of one guitar...

    Also, as Beej mentioned, there's always low action/buzz tradeoff, but I tried raising the action - didn't help much at all...

    Well, let me see if some other tech can get it fixed?

    Can anybody recommend a good professional in Toronto ON Area?

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    I own a maple Silo just like yours and it's absoluteky buzz-free. It was from factory and still is even after one fret leveling job. Frets became lower but still playable, and no buzz at all. The action I use is low, about 1.1 mm at 1st string/12th fret.

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    It could be possible the neck is not totally flat, tough to say. My opinion would be if you hear fret buzz 'acoustically' but not when it's plugged in I can live with that. If you hear it when it's plugged in, then I would really try to alleviate the problem.
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    My maple-necked Sterling needs the truss rod adjusted now and again to stay buzz free. (Remember that the neck should *not* be perfectly straight. It does need some bow in it, or it will buzz all over.) No big deal, and no need to shell out $$ for a setup. Just turn the rod in small increments yourself, and wait a minute between adjustments, and you should be fine. Good luck!
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    No there is no reason why your PARTICULAR guitar should be any different. The good set up of a guitar is a trade off of different parameters - a happy medium. Super super low action =more prevelance to fret rattle.
    Get a good tech - ask him for the "options" for a good guitar set up.
    Some techs will even observe their customer playing their guitar and then talki the set up/options through with their customer.

    Would you take your car to a garage and say "yeah just get on with it and let me know the bill". No you would ask them to talk through the maintenance/repair options and then decide. your guitar should be no different.
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    I don't have much confidence that your "tech" really has a clue based on what you've said so far.

    I'd take it to someone else.

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    I think fret buzz differs from person to person, some people are heavy handed and naturally get more buzz than some one who is light handed, my friend is so light handed he gets nil buzz on his strat yet when I play it I get a touch of buzz, so sometimes u will hear guys say they have no problems and that is not to say their guitar is buzz free just their touch is not picking it up, so their are other factors to take into account, most electric guitars will have a little buzz un plugged, but jacked in it should be minimal, having said that if your guitars setup is like a cheese grater then u have to expect some at least

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    I came to this conclusion as well. I get a bit of buzz even on my Yamaha SG, which is mahogany/neck-through and set up really well.

    What helped reduce buzz on Silo - raising the saddles. I still have buzz but not like before
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