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Thread: The Yardbirds like my Morse

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    The Yardbirds like my Morse


    My band Kashmin was opening for the Yardbirds 10 days ago. I know, no pics = no show, so let start with the pictures :
    First, it's always nice to be in good company on the program :

    Some pictures of the show :

    My trusty old Morse !

    My partners in crime :

    With the drummer :

    The guys from the Yardbirds are really nice. I talked quite a lot with Ben King, the lead guitarist (he knows how to play : he is filling the shoes of Clapton, Beck and Page ). He is a fan of Steve Morse, thus after the show, I gave him my Morse and I think he really liked it. BP, if you are looking for a new endorsement ...

    A good night ... a night to remember

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    fantastic my friend

    thanks for sharing this
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    Quote Originally Posted by threeminutesboy View Post
    fantastic my friend
    thanks for sharing this
    You should have come, David Ris Orangis is not so far away of Orléans !

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    Wait, you actually gave him your Morse?

    Congrats on opening for them by the way haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaPatrooch View Post
    Wait, you actually gave him your Morse?
    Just for 10 minutes
    I should have used the verb "to lend" but my memory is not so good !

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    Great pictures François!
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    Very cool. Ben King is a smoking player.
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    Thanks for sharing those great pics, François. And opening for the Yardbirds is quite an awesome accomplishment, congrats!
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    Those are excellent pics. Congrats on getting onto a bill with the Yardbirds. That's quite something. Any audio clips?
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    great photo's
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    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing, Francois.
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    Nice pics... Sounds like a great gig. Thask for sharing.....
    - Butch Snyder

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    Thanks a lot for your kind words.
    This concert was a bit a reward for all the small gigs I've done in all the lousy bars of Paris !

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    Great pics! Well done. Grats!
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