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    T Lavitz

    For those Dregs fans who hadn't heard, T Lavitz passed away unexpectedly in his his sleep on October 7. Rest in peace, sir. You will be missed.
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    I've never had the chance to meet him but I spent countless hours listening to the Dregs. I'm sure that all the Dregs fans are sad.

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    Very sad news.
    Its been a rough ride for that band the last couple years. Steve's dad, Rod's wife, and now T.

    Thanks for the great music T. You will be missed.
    And condolences to steve morse on losing a friend of over 30 years

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    T was an eccentric funny man.....
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    RIP T Lavitz...I can never get over hearing these kinds of things. I remember very clearly the first Dregs show I ever saw in NYC quite a few years back. Me and my friends actually hung out with Dave, Lavitz and Jerry after the show outside. He was a great guy and amazing musician.
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    Saw that, yes, very sad. RIP.

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    What? Ah man, T was really cool. I met him a few times after Dregs gigs and he was really nice (as they all were).

    I also heard he was really close to joining the Grateful Dead in the early 90s. However, they went with Vince Welnick because he also sang. T formed the band Jazz is Dead (instrumental Dead covers) with some other great musicians and made some great stuff.

    RIP T Lavitz
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    Very sad news. RIP Mr. Lavitz. Your music brought much happiness into the world and you will be missed.
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    I always enjoyed what T did on stage and on the record.

    I always saw it as nothing short of amazing.

    Miss you already T
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