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Thread: Axe-Fx: Anyone using one?

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    Axe-Fx: Anyone using one?

    Not that I'm unhappy with my TC Electronics gear, but I'm always looking to try something new.

    Anyone got one of these things? What do you think of it? As an effects unit/preamp or both?

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    There's been a lot of threads on this, good way to start is with a search!
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    Do the search. I moved from the TC G-System to the Axe-FX (standard) and now the Ultra. For my situation (I don't gig and something very flexible) it is perfect with great tones. Great forum over there as well.
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    Ultra here - plays very nicely with my Axis
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    You can pretty much duplicate any guitar sound you hear on a record with some tweaking. Best tube feel and touch sensitivity next to a real tube amp, but won't make your ears bleed when you crank the master volume.
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    Got it. Love it.

    Try it.
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    I just recently picked up the new Line6 HD500 and have been putting it through it's paces. There's been alot of comparison between that and the Axe-FX. So far it's a REALLY kickin unit with alot of flexibility. I've pumped it through an old PV Classic 60 tube power amp into a Marshall 412 and it sounds great. I'm looking at picking up one of Fractal's Atomic Reactor tube wedges soon and have that as my stage setup and get rid of some of the weight on loadin..

    If you're not a tweeker though, you may not like it There's not a lot of usable patches out of the box.
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    I use an Ultra with an MFC-101.
    I have Never tried a digital unit/modeler that lasted more
    than a week in my rig.

    The Ultra is amazing. Love it! I've had it a year and it
    gets better and better the more I dig into it.

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    There is a guy on Youtube that gives a mind blowing demo of it. He starts with solos from the 50s right up to present day. The thing sounds amazing to me besides the fact the guy is one hell of a player.

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    Here's my current practice setup (except the main guitar is now a Rosewood ASS ):

    Swap out the nearfield monitors for a couple of QSC powered speakers and you have my "move some air" setup.

    I had to give up my Two Rock to acquire it but as much as I liked the Two Rock, there hasn't been a day that I regretted it. In fact, there hasn't been a day where I've actually used my remaining tube amps. I get consistent tone at any volume (incl. headphones) without concern for line voltage, humidity, or other gremlins that can influence tube amp tone. For a guy whose playing time often comes during Mini Me's nap time/bedtime, that's huge.

    As for the need to tweak, I think it's as much a matter of self-discipline as anything else. While I may occasionally have an urge to seek out a tone that pops into my head or that I hear in a song, I don't tweak with the AxeFx any more than I did with an analog setup. Most of the time, it's turn it on, play/practice, turn it off.

    It may be overkill for your needs but if you have the funds, it's worth checking out.

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    BallPark cost minus the guitar and computer?

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    What's the middle rack there?
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    It's been out quite a while now. As with all things digital, it will be replaced soon with an Ultra II or an Extreme or whatever. I will seriously consider picking one up when the next gen unit comes out.
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    My friend has one. It's a great unit. The real deal.

    I agree with the earlier comment about being a tweaker. I'm not so much. He's had his for over a year and still can't access all the different parameters on it without whipping out his owners manual, and then sometimes can't find a way to do it. And he isn't a dumb guy.

    I'm too lazy to deal with all that. I also know that I'd find my handful of favorite tones and the rest of the 1,000+ tones would go unused.

    It's a great tool. A viable option for many. Not so viable for others. Do what you need to do to get where you're going.

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    Axe-Fx Standard user here since June 2008, the thing just continues to amaze me.
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