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Thread: Serial Number Check

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    Serial Number Check

    Who can check out a serial number for me?



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    Looking for something like...the user manual for the MM brazil

    I'm the registered member..."cacau-brazil"...
    last week i bought a mm-bass with a serial number : E03736...(ernie ball music man bass) the collor blue-half green...

    But it was from another user, in a way so called ..."second hand" in this contry, will be happy if you can send a brief historic ....or other data the name of the first buyer....the what a place...contry they lived...and the most relevant timbre-characteristcs of this instrument....

    would you please send us some data about this instrument...something like a user to adjust the high of the strings....about the..not usual sounds trasnsmited for the sgrings to the captador... how to avaliate the performance of the ative circuit....and the maximum of important informations for the new user of this world famous legend....gratefull by the gived gently atemption.
    cacau-brazil in.....20 set 2012...please send to ours email

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    Hi there-

    In each forum, there's a dedicated serial number thread. For basses it's here:

    Post your serial number there and someone will be able to tell you the build date and specifications of your bass.

    For other general questions about Music Man basses (how to adjust, etc.) you're best to post in the Bass forum (this is the guitars forum): Music Man Basses

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