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Thread: Couple New John Petrucci videos

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    Couple New John Petrucci videos

    Here's one he did for Mesa demoing the Mark V, with a Cherryburst BFR:
    [ame=]YouTube - John Petrucci -- Mark V -- Settings and Tone Tips (Part 1)[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - John Petrucci -- Mark V -- Settings and Tone Tips (Part 2)[/ame]

    And this one is for some Zoom recorder thing, with the Koa!
    [ame=]YouTube - John Petrucci of Dream Theater and his Zoom Q3HD[/ame]
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    brilliant tone!!!
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    Nice videos! JPs playing in that Zoom demo is great (as usual!)

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    Oooh yes yes yes!

    Part 2, @4:18, his expression on Pull Me Under is classic: "This is MY tone!"

    Constant Motion sounds fantastic, so aggresive; love it.

    Great post fella, cheers.

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    look the strap in the video of zoom, have the initials of jp in white!

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    dammit JP…makin me want to buy this amp Great Vid!
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    Ah, just about to post this. You win!
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    Great videos, thanks for posting!

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    He just has the knack to break everything down so easily.

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    wow, this guy can play!
    Great videos , thanks for sharing

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    Great videos...

    I wonder since he went to CA for the video demo, does he take a guitar with on the plane or does he just get one from EBMM for the day??

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    Ahh, this made my morning Cheers for this!
    I love his face when he starts playing Pull Me Under, it's really "Oh yeah!"
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    really good videos!!!
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    Great vids, saw these yesterday. Man that Koa looks good....maybe one day!


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    great videos!
    and now i know why the BFR has this smaller low horn. it´s not that he needs the space in between the horn and the neck for his fingers - no, it´s only because his forearm is grown bigger and he still wants to rest his arm there while he speaks to someone.
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