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Thread: how adjust my trem/bridge action??????????

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    how adjust my trem/bridge action??????????

    hey guys, you are so smart and this time i need your help again, i want to play that beautiful tremolo of my musicman jp6, but when i start to play the action of the trem is a little hard, my question is what can i do to make more softer the trem/bridge action, moving the springs in the back, a little down the bridge????? i dont know help me thanks for the help guys

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    Hang on, a few of those "smart" guys will be along shortly.

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    Call customer service. How many springs do you have in?

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    It's a different concept on a JP6 to a hardtail guitar with trem.

    With a hardtail, most players go for the trem hard against the body, in other words not floating. If you put 5 springs on the brass block/claw AND screw the trem claw in, you have maximum tension on the trem and it will be hard to get a trem wobble because of the tension. Some players take a spring or two off and screw the trem claw out - still keeping the trem flush against the body but having the minimum of spring tension. This will make the trem very light to use.

    Now the thing is with the JP 6 is that the trem is floating, so if you have 2 or even 3 springs the combined spring tension has to be such that the trem plate is parallel to the body and floating within the front body route.

    Try setting up with 2/3/4 springs and see what takes your fancy?
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