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Thread: 2011 Sterling Silo 30

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    2011 Sterling Silo 30

    Hey all,

    Gonna be buying a new guitar here soon and I was curious about the silo 30 for 2011.

    It's states on the website that it has standard tuners but the previous year models have locking tuners. Can someone confirm if the 2011 model of the Sterling Silo 30 has locking tuners or not?

    ** this was on the website **
    4+2 Headstock with
    Standard Tuners

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    Silo30 for 2011 has standard non locking tuners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patpark View Post
    Silo30 for 2011 has standard non locking tuners.
    Ugh. Total fail. I was about to pull the trigger on one, but without the locking tuners it's a total non-starter for me.

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    Locking tuners are indeed great! I'm impressed with my Silo 30 (2010) model with the locking tuners, keeps tuning well, even with extensive trem use.

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    I have Silo20 (2010) with locking tuners. I wanted to buy Silo30 2011, but now I think, I gonna fail that... MM whitout locking tuners is not IT!!!

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    Wow, have any of you guys played a 2011 Silo 30? I have, it was great! I gave one a work out at GC last weekend and no problems with it staying in tune...

    BTW, the EVH Hardtail and the Axis Hardtail (not Super Sport) had non locking tuners ad I never had an issue with them...

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    I agree, don't let the non-locking tuners throw you off. There are some simple tuning tricks that will keep it in tune. I've owned many Strats that I dive bomb the heck out of and keep in tune.
    The plus side of the non-locking tuners is that they are lighter as well and reduce neck dive.
    Really, the only thing great about locking tuners is that it is quicker to change strings, but unless you do that everyday, not a big deal. If everything else sounds and feels good, buy it.
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    I bought an AX30 this year. It also doesn't have locking tuners, but the trem is actually pretty stable. I can lower it about 1 1/2 steps easily. I can't go nuts and divebomb it - it will not come back in tune.

    With a good setup, some lubrication at the nut, and good spring tension, it should be able to remain very stable, even handle some VH-esque trem dives. but for vibrato, warbling, or moderate drops in pitch, it should be fine. Give it a try. It's still a very good guitar. You could always add locking tuners later if you wanted.

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