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Thread: Just Curious...

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    Just Curious...

    Does anyone else think the AX series should go a little deeper into color options? The colors so far are beyond beautiful, but what about a tobacco sunburst? Or ANY sunburst for that matter? If there was a maple fretboard AX-40 with a gloss tobacco sunburst i'd have it in a heartbeat.

    So basically, what are your favorite colors on the Music Man guitars? Do you think/hope in the future the AX-40 series will take a turn down "sunburst" lane?

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    Anyone? Haha...

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    <looks around to see if Pat Park is in the building>
    7/29/04 EBMM Sub1 X11376 oil/wax neck, gloss black body, faux binding, HSS w/5 way and silent circuit
    keep in mind that you are talking about four pieces of wood two pots one switch a trem along with springs two pickups and some wire.....BP

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    More color options is always a good idea in my book. :-) I too am partial to sunbursts.

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    For all the right reasons, I would prefer them to be limited

    Make the colours exclusive, and keep the options kinda neat, and they become special in their own right.

    Surely then, the costs can be kept down and we get a valid quality instrument.

    Just my thoughts, I know not everyone would agree.

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