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Thread: New Guitar Day... Whoa...

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    New Guitar Day... Whoa...

    I have been reading about how much everyone, who has one, seems to love their 20th Silhouettes. I was able to find one and get a pretty fair price on it so I pulled the trigger. I picked it up today and WOW! Its a stunner visually speaking and it sounds like nothing else. Its voice seems to be very different from the standard Silhouette. I swapped the pickups out of my standard Silo to get a little bit meatier sound, but the pickups in the 20th seems to have higher output? Maybe it's the wood combo? I don't know, but it sure is awesome.... Anyway:

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    Congrats JP, and welcome to the 20th Owners Club. The top on yours looks very similar to mine. GREAT guitars these are!
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    Sweet looking axe. Enjoy.

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    Congrats! Great looking guitar. Love that birdseye neck

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    Nice guitar congrats
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    gratz bro!
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    Nice find! Did you buy it from someone local to you? I keep an eye on the for sale forum and remember something in Rochester that I wanted (along with half the other guitars in the f/s forum).
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    Mmm, waffle top. The 20ths are so damn nice. I saw 2 in 12th Fret in Toronto about 3ish years back. Should have tried one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jptortor View Post
    ...but the pickups in the 20th seems to have higher output?
    congrats on the new guitar!

    if i recall correctly I'm not sure if the pups are voiced differently, but the guitar does have 500k pots.

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    Excellent pick up and really great neck to boot=Enjoy.

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    that's a fantastic guitar... the 20th is my go to and i love it. if you want a killer combo put a Dimarzio AT-1 in the bridge and a Air Classic in the neck... it's a delish combo.
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    nice one!!!!!
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    Fantastic - congrats to you!
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    Sweet! Congrats man and welcome to the club!
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    Delicious! And that neck is gorgeous!
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