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Thread: Proud new JP6 owner, with volume pot problem

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    Proud new JP6 owner, with volume pot problem

    I received my first ever EBMM today from the UPS man after waiting for a week, a black sugar jp6. Soon as I opened the case it was love at first sight

    However after I got her all tuned to pitch I noticed my fret numero 10 was high. I took it to the tech at the GC I bought it from (he's a good dude) and he confirmed it was high. He said he could file and crown it but that if he did so I couldn't make a return if I wanted to later. I decided to have him do it because the frets that worked sounded absolutely fantastic through my Mark V ...I ended up loving the pickups...and didn't think I'd want to return it as there aren't many more of these out there and the thing is dead sexy.

    He did the work for free and a few hours later I have it back home and it plays AMAZINGLY well. I plugged it into my Road King set to a pristine clean sound, and that first chord sounded tight like a damn piano, awesome!!

    I'm starting to ramble here, but to touch on the actual'm only having one other issue in that the volume knob, when at "zero" (rolled all the way off) there is still an audible signal present...and if I tap it I'll get a blast of volume. Is this just a quick fix via a resolder or whatnot? I'm a decent player but I'm no tech and until I can take it back in tomorrow I thought I'd get some insight here.

    On a final note...every single one of my other guitars is in danger of being sold for more JP models

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    Got a loose wire in there. Should be an easy fix. If it jumps to full volume when you bump it, that would mean the output is wired to the switch and the volume is also wired to the switch so it's likely just one wire. Probably the ground.
    All gone until I know I have a job again

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    Hoosier, can be an easy fix on the VK (i'd suggest, but I would probably get yelled at), however, give GC a call - they like to keep a record of these things anyway!

    Nice grab though!!

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    If you're still getting a signal when the volume is on 0, check that the rightmost lug (when you're looking at the pot from the bottom, with the solder tags downwards) is soldered to the back of the pot properly. If its not, it won't be sending the signal to ground properly, which is why you still get a signal coming through.
    More than likely it is just a loose wire though.

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    Congrats on the JP.

    This is a new guitar- so you should be covered under warranty. Your best advice is to take it to GC and have them look at it. The pot may need re-soldering, you may need a new pot, it could be something else, etc. You can also call or email EBMM's CS department - they will make sure you're sorted out, and they're the experts. (Btw, they're closed Fridays.)

    Hang tight! Sounds like it's a minor issue and they'll get you sorted out.

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