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Thread: Maple Luke?

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    Maple Luke?

    As a lover of all things wood and the various combinations thereof,
    Has anyone ever seen or had a Luke with a maple board? I love that you can get the Axis in all 3 versions (maple/maple, maple/rosewood and rosewood/rosewood). Mine sound totally different from each other which is always fun.
    Does this rare beast exist?
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    No such thing as a maple board LUKE, since it is Steve's guitar...unless its some one off custom thing for someone part of the family. Blues Saraceno has a SSS LUKE for instance.
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    Would be cool though!
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    Interesting info on the SSS Luke of Blues'. Anyone have a link to any pics of it?

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    would love a maple luke with double humbuckers
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    Do you remember this mock up
    the perfect luke for me

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    Hey GoKart, here are couple of videos I came across with that SSS LUKE. I believe it has Duncans in it.

    YouTube - Blues Saraceno DIRTY BOY PEDALS demonstrates the "AFRO FUZZ

    And here is one directly from EB demo videos of the volume pedal.

    YouTube - Ernie Ball Music Man & Blues Saraceno - VP JR Pedal
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    Somehow, to me, a Luke with a maple fretboard seems blasphemous

    (I must admit, I like the look of the SSS Luke though)

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    Luke is black sparkle with maple!!!!! yes!
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    and a matching headstock!!!! it would be killing!!!
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