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Thread: Andy at Strings And Things is a star!!!

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    Andy at Strings And Things is a star!!!

    Hi Guys!!

    Im new here!! well ive been a lurker for some time but finally got round to signing up yesterday!! the main reason for doing so is because I just wanted to let everyone know my praise for strings and things.

    I was gigging with my axis sport wednesday night, and it weren't till yesterday morning I saw that I had lost the white plastic part on the pickup selector. As im sure your all agree... very annoying!!!

    I thought I'll drop an email to strings and things to see if I could order one from them, or if they knew where I could. 5 mins later got a reply from Andy from the company asking for my address and he'll pop one in the post!!!.... That to me is great great customer service!! And it came in todays post!!! what lovely lovely people. Little things like this make Mikey a happy boy!!

    So I thought I'll just share my little story with you guys!!

    Happy Plucking!!


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    The boys at Strings and Things, gettin' it done! Nice! Glad they took great care of you, Mike!
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    You win. You always do.

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    Andy's a great guy but he tells terrible jokes!!!!
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    ..... Ming's are just a bit better.

    But I have to say that the Guys at S & T are top notch!!

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    Alans are legendary
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    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
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    Yes you are right BP I Missed Big Al (2)'s jokes at the last exhibition. Great player too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    Alans are legendary
    I find that with Alan its the delivery which makes him a comedy genius!

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    The original Mrs Malaprop based her delivery on Algy.... the best one ever was when he talked about throwing a red herring in the works.
    Gotta love him!
    Quote Originally Posted by The Devil View Post
    I find that with Alan its the delivery which makes him a comedy genius!

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